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As a Magick Hippie, would Jesus feel right in, or Out of place in your church?

A peace-nick who performed magick for all those in need, traveling with his Merry band of brothers barefoot from town to town…


  1. He could only come in my church with shirt ‘n’ shoes. And he’d need to shave as well. Then he could share our sacrement.

  2. My life is my Church and seeing as he is the primary role model for my life, I can only hope that Jesus would feel welcome here.
    The same goes for the Buddha, Solomon, Zoroaster, Hermes Trismegistus, Maria Magdalena, Pythagoras,etc

  3. From that definition he sounds like a homeless Witch so, I would say that he would feel perfectly at home in MY church. Of course I too am a witch and my church is the entire universe, the most beautiful place of all, so what’s NOT to feel perfectly comfortable in the universe?
    Brightest Blessings
    Raji the Green Witch


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