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Aren't we all the jolting, flowing, cosmic orgasmic flowering of the Kundalini {serpent power} of the Goddess?

Aren’t the Angels in Heaven singing sterile songs while the male God is blind? : )
*Love is all there is*
Tawaen: *Blessed be* with a *Kundalini* kick! : )
Budroscoe: That’s great. Study is good, and experience most excellent. : )
Ananta: Kundalini is life itself flowering in all directions, crazy, blissfull, she can not be denied, physical mana-festation. : )
Janjou: Yes to each their own. I have fell into the void and seen Buddha, I and everything at it’s base is Buddha but Buddha has a nature, this nature is light, You can not have Buddha without Buddha’s nature and you can not have Buddha nature without Buddha. I think I will dance now. : )
Sirius: Intent to is this serpent power, pushing, throbbing, and dancing it’s way in eternity. : )
Innerpeacemom: You put a smile on my lips and in my body, thank you!
The body sings, not sterile songs but songs of life, songs of passion, the circle of love that can be seen and experienced only by those who know the serpent intimately. : )
Mumof4: The God of western religions is blind for he has no Goddess. Unless it is written someplace that I am unaware of in their Holy books. Care to share? The God and Goddesses are in a very real way are also the children of Kundalini. This Tantra goes very deep, beyond what can be spoken in words so it is whispered between two lovers with wide open hearts in those secret places that transcend good and bad. : )
Bella: Good questions, now lets look at the truth of the matter. The male God has ruled western religions for quite some time now. What do you see? How do you feel? Is life life? Is there much love with man and woman? Does a male God alone work or not? : )
Midnightrainbow: She is my first true love, last true love and only true love. My meager words pale in comparison to her love, beauty, and bliss. She is the mother of Kundalini, She is the child of Kundalini, and she is the Goddess of Kundalini. : )
Mumof4: Thank you for your e-mail. I am now aware that the LDS worships a Goddess as well as a God. It’s never to late for a old coyote to learn. : )
Phae: Thanks, and Blessed Be to you with a Kundalini kick. : )


  1. ­čśÇ
    What lovely imagery. I find the ancient serpent gods to be very powerful symbols, but that’s probably because I’m Pagan. I doubt the Christians will agree with you…

  2. I don’t know enough about Kundalini yet, still studying up, but I certainly agree love is a base constant of creation.

  3. The serpent is a symbol of kundalini or consciousness, thru the spinal, from the bottom(abdominal senses) to the back of the head and to the pineal gland(between the eyebrows). As you develop in consciousness(knowledge), such power is overwhelming on the hood. Once this stage is achieved, you are ready for salvation(at death). This is more of self-control/discipline, to become spiritual/non-material.
    There are lot of misuse/mktg with yoga/kundalini. There were many atheistic/materialist philosophers, who promoted these for material benefits.

  4. What a lovely, provocative picture. Angels singing in heaven are as pure as any deity…..pure light. We give entities form for our own metaphorical understanding. Personified deities go way back in many cultures. Still, to me they are of the old paradigms. Embodying the choice of one’s deity is one’s choice. All is One. We are one. All pure energy is one. The body we inhabit relates to the physical, duality, male / female, and experiences spirit in unlimited ways. Thusly, yes, we are all the jolting, flowing, cosmic orgasmic flowering of life. In life and beyond we are one. Personally I do not sexualise spirit nor spiritual beingness. The pure energy of pure love is unbound. It is free. The pure realms are not embodied. But as a living being in a body, naturally my energy is alive and sexually vital and is an outer expression of my spirited energy.
    cosmiccoyote……I am smiling too! and we shall dance along as one…………

  5. The more “I am,” the more I am sensitized to how words fail. Though the play of words (beautiful, sparkling, igniting, spinning, exploding words) injects one with a fever, the fever is only the symptom. While these marvelous words pull us toward the ineffable, all descriptions fall short…the moon hangs still out of reach. Yet these are the only stepping stones we have to reach higher. I enjoy the play of words, how dynamic and surprising they can be. Yet, at the end of the play, I fall helpless before them. I am Sirius

  6. Yes to the first question, no to the second. We flow from the cosmic joy in great love, for we are their children. God is neither blind nor sterile. The Goddess and God are eternally productive, because they have an eternal love for each other. They work in tandem.
    We (and the angels) are their children. We flow from the two Divine Beings. To disrespect one, is to disrespect the other. How do you feel when someone honors your spouse or your children? It feels good, hey. The honor is shared with those who are beloved…
    EDIT: Thanks old coyote… (((hugs))) It is so hard to explain… Some LDS would say we don’t “worship” Goddess as well as God, but I say we do and my hubby says we do. It’s all in the definition… what the heart knows, the mind and mouth have a hard time expressing. ­čÖé Certainly, LDS have a much broader concept of truth than many other Christian sects. We accept that we do not yet know all the divine truths which may be revealed…. We know there is more coming, and that we can seek truth anywhere, guided by the Light within.

  7. I don’t have the answer to this first part….yet. But, for the second part? Are those Angels in Heaven really singing sterile songs and is the male God really blind? Or is this what man has actually dictated it should be? Given mans inability to fully grasp what it should be, would man make it as perfect and sterile as he possibly could, so that he has a place to start, a place to dictate it should be and anyone below him is wrong and somehow evil? What if it is man that has blinded the male God? From fear, complete and utter fear of what man will never be able to achieve.

  8. Coyote, SHE is in season. Do not let your lust overpower your brilliant mind. All is as it should be but there is more that you are missing because your love is blind for any other truths but hers. So IT is and has always been. This will pass and you will regain your composure in time. Her scent will be less intense and thus will your passion wane to sustainable levels. First true love?

  9. beloved Coyote…..
    the male God is just as much a part of the All as is the Mother…both are even, both are One……
    it is to hold the balance, and YES in fantastic bliss
    never let anyone tamp down your effusive spirit…..God expression is JOY, is LOVE, is the emotions that feed the thoughts…all manifests from emotion…and reality is a reflection of this love that we are


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