Aren’t spiritual / religious conflicts really just conflicts over “systems” and “techniques” ?

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Point being that soon as someone on here posts that they are in a “spiritual crisis” and have “lost their faith,” most responses are either dismissive or suggestive of belief systems and their inherent techniques touted as the “correct methodology” for effective “spiritual” results.
Does this reduce religion / beliefs / spirituality / purpose for living / and all such inquiries down to just a matter of having the “right” technique?
Feel free to expand broadly if you like.
All responses welcomed—thanks

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There are no religions, man techniques, etc. that produce all truth and give “the way”. But your question is largely true – the conflicts are over systems, doctrines and techniques. Each believes theirs to be the way. But each person is unique and my way may not necessarily be the way for another. Even the bible has several verses that point to this.

mr. right

religion, sports, politics, clubs, and any other kind of groups you can think of all share the same mental processes. you are either IN the group or you are OUT of the group. it matters not what the group is. this is the aspect of the evolutionary process known as kin or group selection whereby the organism seeks out those other organisms that are most like itself. in other words, birds of a feather flock together…


on global scales those are market conflicts. they fight for monopole to sell ‘opium for masses’. on individual level i believe it is about right system and technique for achieving desired results. next would be question what are desired results and by whom they are desired. some desire just to fit it to belong to, oder seek specific effects. depending on what you are seeking you apply different methods.

Glow wings

yes, when we listen to God, there is no conflict, only Truth. 😀
One must search within themselves and ask God.


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