Aren't humans just one big long chemical reaction caused by the earth's unique environmental conditions?

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It wouldn’t make a difference if we died now or 100 years later. Aren’t we just like any other organism living on earth, aren’t are just moving, energy consuming structures of atoms and molecules? You could be a rock or a human and it wouldn’t make any difference. Humans face so many emotional and physical issues throughout their lifetime. But they are only issues because that is how humans see them through their perspective of the world.

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The Gentleman Soldier





actually, you are a support system your DNA uses to reproduce itself.
and ya gotta admit, locust, ant, termite, etc DNA is far better at that task than yours.


If you assume different realities make different worlds, then the life a chimp lives is not the same, at all, as the one we live. That means the fundamental laws of science would hold different to a chimp then to myself because he “sees” it differently. This can not be true if we are to live in the same world at the same instance. Gravity, light, energy, time will be the same for us both therefore we live in the same world regardless of perspective. The same rules apply to them as to us. I love animals very much and see the value in each but we are unmistakeably different on many levels. An animal will lead a life by instinct or human leadership. If the world consisted of animals it would mostly change because of environment and evolution. In the short amount of time life has existed as we know it, since the creation of the universe, only human beings have come to realize the existence beyond themselves, the galaxy, the creative need to be heard, and an ability to think far beyond anything we are aware of in an abstract view. It will make a difference. It will be different in a drastic way. You make a difference, more then any chimp.
the salt of the world

Mark ?

. You’re really asking “What is the Meaning of Life?” So old a question. Many have thought the way you suggest before you. TRUTH Lies between Fact & Belief. If GOD Created the Heavens & the Earth, your answer must be NO! If humans & life on earth Evolved, then before we can answer you with a YES, First it must be proven how the evolutions took place. It may be that humans & life on earth evolved from elsewhere in space first. If so, it would be necessary to know where that life originated from. On a Universal scale, humans are still very primitive. We may never know where life comes from, and most likely, there are some thing that Should remain a mystery……I believe this is one of them. ….. ( of course, I could be wrong.)


No, they are more of a byproduct of a torn condom.


Perhaps, but it does make a difference. Regardless of your belief system on how we came to be – well here we are. Sentient, intelligent organisms with language, creativity, emotions, needs, desires, interdependence, goodness, wickedness, love, hate and indifference. No rock knows or cares about its fate. For that matter most living organisms don’t either – at least not in the same way humans do. So no matter how temporal your existence may be, it does matter to those closest to you. And it really matters to future generations (be they yours or those of your contemporaries) because everything we do, in the long run, is for them.


Humans are made of cells, and cells are made of DNA. DNA could not be formed by earth’s random conditions, just like the letters of the words ‘I LOVE YOU’ couldn’t possibly be formed along a seashore by random waves, there must be an intelligent designer.

Frank N

It’s enabled by environment, not caused by it. We do not yet know what caused life. Abiogenesis is still a far-fetched hypothesis.
That addresses only the biological part of man. A strong case is made that there’s more to man than the material body. The ‘other’ part is usually called the spirit of a man. So far, that’s beyond the capability of science to answer.


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