Aren't 'higher' levels of consciousness really lower?

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From everything I’ve read, people who achiece a ‘higher’ level of consciousness are only becoming aware of things that happen to them subconsciously. Wouldn’t that make it a lower level?

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Ladie G

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What’s going on in our subconscious minds, is really why we are who we are. Until we reach an understanding of ourselves from the inside out, we have not found ourselves.


In order to become aware of the subconscious you have to be able to master your conscious thoughts therefore you need a higher level than can be achieved through a normal consciousness.

ken j

opinions >> or text book awareness >>?
I’m no god of degrees lol but i can tell you what i have learned in pbs science shows they claim that all people can walk because of lower brain functions what i call the monkey brain because monkeys have same ” near spinal end brain hemispheres but these lil <<


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