Are your antisocial malajusted tendencies the product of your berserk pituitary gland?

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Jane's New Avatar

It’s the result of being surrounded by morons.


my vocabulary doesnt reach that far :-/

The Gamecock Fan (iamrulz25)

I wouldn’t doubt it………. I think


It is actually the of the multiple side effects experienced due to the hyper-activity of my duodenum.

Bradley P

Nope. They’re the product of a berserk stress response. ^__^ This is what happens when fight-or-flight doesn’t work.
Simply put…everyone from my father on down has been a violent, predatory psycho to me at some point. It’s like I have to *hire* people–therapists–in order to find someone who knows how to be a decent, sane sort of human being to me, because the rest of this world is just like the Planet of the Apes.
When you live in a world where the nail that stands up, gets *hit*, it gets to you. Catch is, having to stay in the fetal crouch muttering “can’t sleep, clowns will eat me”, living in permanent fear *also* gets to you. Not being allowed to fight or flee means no stress relief, which means you get a pressure-cooked brain, which means….
Well, yeah, that. >_< Your thoughts are burnt to a crisp, your feelings are like mushy salisbury steak, and your gut instincts feel like poorly done baked potatoes. Nothing ever feels right, like ever.


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