Are you transforming cosmic consciousness or is it transforming you?

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Mysterious Panda

A little from side A
A little from side B
Thats the dance…


Yes!!! It’s a duet, a tango! Can’t tell us apart any more! lol


it is transforming me


The transforming is ahead of me most of the time, so cosmic consciousness is transforming me when I give in. When I think about it then I am forcing the transformation of cosmic consciousness, but this can’t be done. It has to happen without thought. One must feel the transformation as it is happening.

Rez Rostov

Part of what I am is both transforming and being transformed at any given moment. There is also a part of me that has nothing to do with it and just watches it all go down.


What each one of us is contributes to cosmic consciousness of the whole. The energies are incoming daily and being assimilated and transformed through my being, yet as much as it comes in, I am aware that the energy that is this being flows out and radiates…..we are one. There can be no separation here……for we are one.



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