Are you the silent type? —poo question—- you have been warned!???

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Do you go into a zen-like meditation when brown your bowl? Do you shut the door and turn off the lights? Do you hold deep conversations with your maker and travel to distant destinations in your minds eye? Or do you just sit and sh1t, making the occasional grunt or moan?

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steelers girl

do a word search puzzle book. or nintendo gameboy


The last one.

Matt C

I play games on my cell phone.


I’m pretty quiet, but it’s generally not.

Fadi A

word search


Dragon goes into the bathroom, does her business as qwickly as possible, flushes, washes her hands, and exits the bathroom. She does not meditate over her poo.


yeah silent type
and no never ben warned

Chicago Girl

Wake up! I think your dreaming in the wrong place, lol


i jus sit and shit but i dont groan thats a lil weird and i dont do the first part of the question wat ever it was about……


I just do what it takes to get the job done. I don’t go in with a strategy

George The Fat Pink Hippo

I really enjoy it. Sometimes I hold it in deliberately for ages; the release is so much better.


Who cares about butt nuggets? They just come out and that’s that. I bet you might be like 12 years old because of the nature of your question.


15 seconds from flippin the lid to washing the hands. Time is $ can’t waste it in the crapper!


I am the silent type.


I pretty much wait till I am turtle-heading, I’m not into sitting there all day, i don’t want hemmorhoids.


I like to look between my legs and watch it as it comes out. I strive very hard to get the job done in one piece!

Mark G

All of the above, except doing it in the dark, unless there’s a powercut which is a total pain the @rse.


I generally read the stupid tabloids my roomie buys. They’re only for toilet reading. I mean who cares if Lindsay Lohan got gang-banged. When it’s a bad poo though, i start sweating and try to meditate.


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