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Are you the result of consciousness expanding because male and female preformed Yoga?

Are you a divine inspiration brought into existence through the root cause of karma which is love, a spiraling, a spiriting of the active principal, of Kundalini Shakti?
It’s hard for most to see through the programing, to take the left hand path, it’s true, but it’s also true that once entered the naturalness is profound.
(((((((((((Fallen Angel)))))))))))


  • Unfortunately I’m the manifested outcome of two egos attempting an extension of a mutual exercise in self-aggrandisement and validation of their world view. Their subsequent divorce eight years later shows the effectiveness of their efforts.
    The way you’re talking about sounds a lot nicer.
    Cheers, dude.

  • I dont understand a lot of what you believe but what I do makes perfect sense to me


  • im still reading much of what you believe, especially regarding kundalini … im learning what ive felt ive always known … too bad so many interpret the most powerful energy source in our being incorrectly and reduce it to vulgarity

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