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Are you supposed to keep a Crystal Ball Covered?

I notice in the movies every time someone is getting a reading by a crystal ball..the psycic has a cloth over it..or is that just for dramatic effect? Thanks!
I meant they have a cloth over it and then uncover it to do the reading..


  1. My ball has not been touched by anyone with bare hands since I received it in Waterford Ireland. It stays wrapped in an 18 inch square of black velvet. I place the ball on its stand still wrapped in velvet and open the cover of velvet from each corner.
    This discipline has been in place since it has been possible to create a “perfect” glass ball. Any hand has both oil and acid on it. Even an over amount of dust in the room’s air can foul the ball.

  2. They use the cloth to help see into the ball for vision. You do not want the crystal kept in a window where the sun can magnify and create a fire. Other than that there is no specific reason to cover a crystal I know of. I do have one with a negative entity, something going on with it, that I keep in a sealed container, to contain the entity. Other than that, no problem.
    I do not need a cloth to see into and read a crystal, but have read, it was recommnded, so for client readings probably looks better than the way I do it. Basically, with a genuine crystal I look into it, with inclusions, clouds, and see shapes, etc and let my mind free, to get subconscious impressions. So I am basically tapping into myself.

  3. If I had one, I’d keep it covered too. It’s just to make sure that when a reading is being sone, there could be perfect or close to perfect insight on what’s being read.
    No mistakes.
    No wrong things happening.


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