Are you supposed to hug trees naked on earth day?

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Only the Beginning

Yes but I ask the tree to wear pants


No. On Earth day, you should dedicate your day to being unfriendly. For example, recycle, don’t liter, conserve energy and be Earth friendly!

Capt Internet

That sounds like a wonderful idea… if you want to be arrested for indecent exposure.
Just try to save electricity like the rest of the masses and don’t go outside the box, its dangerous out there.


Not unless you want splinters sticking out of places where the sun don’t shine. lol


No,you’re not supposed to do that.

Katie P

yeah, I think so,but if you do it naked watch out for the slinters!!!!!!!!!!!ouch
Katie P

sharon s

If I am hugging a tree naked I wouldn’t there. I would be doing something different. lol


i never heard of such a thing. why on earth would you hug a tree naked!


Maybe, but that is kind of scratchy, look for a slippery elm.


No, no, no, no, no. You’re supposed to do that on Uranus Day.

I think I'm Dumb ~Amy~

Yes. But watch out for those trees with the sappy stuff oozing out of them…they’ve been through too many naked Earth days if you know what I mean! lol
I’m lame O.O


Yes, sometimes I want to..


Sure, hugging trees naked is a lot of fun!

Big bill 22

I don’t but you can if you want. If you get a woody then I think you got problems.


I hug trees all the time naked – in the rain, its a different type of freedom to be outdoord naked and showing love to the mother Goddess. But alot of people wear clothes- as long as the intentions are of good then no worries. 🙂


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