Home Discussion Forum Are you studying Metaphysics, Wicca, Tarot, Astrology, Magick?

Are you studying Metaphysics, Wicca, Tarot, Astrology, Magick?

How are you doing? need help? Have questions? What are you looking for. Are you a healer or a seer or a shaman?
If you are not, please don’t answer.


  1. NO. I have no belief in the supernatural. If it’s supernatural, it’s just stupid superstition to me.
    At one time, every tiny aspect of life was ruled by signs, omens, and all other kinds of superstitions. We are slowly dropping all of this foolishness, but it’s a hard row to hoe.
    Our bodies are going full speed into the future, but our minds are still back in the dark ages.

  2. I have been doing different forms of Majik my whole life, even before I knew that was what I was doing. I am a seer (foresight as well as types of mind reading/empathy). I have been studying the wiccan path for about 3 years and reading tarots for about the same amount of time. I am something and have knowledge I do not often share with others (as they would not believe me anyway).
    I think I answered all your questions. Out of curiosity, why do you ask? Just wondering about others? Looking to help and guide? Simply a study of human nature?

  3. I’m doing great!
    I studied Wicca for several years, but ultimately left it behind. I don’t need to worship god(desse)s outside of myself. Every day is an acknowledgment of the divine.
    Tarot was cool, and provided lots of insight into Qaballah, but I prefer the runes as my method of divination.
    Magick was also very interesting. I stopped ‘practicing’ it when I finally got what everyone meant when they’d say “all of these (rites, magical tools, etc.) are really just tools, and aren’t ultimately necessary…” I still do the occasional ritual, but Magick happens around me all the time now.
    Metaphysics is still *lots* of fun. I have a perspective that has so far been able to accommodate my experiences; and it still provides whatever answers or comfort I might need. I do like to “flesh it out” here and there when I can. My major influences are Taoism, Qaballah, Discordianism, and Asatru.
    How’s it all going for you? Are you looking for followers?

  4. Four out of five…
    Doing fairly well.
    Already found a source on the occasion that I do need help,
    most of my questions I can figure out myself.
    Looking for a deeper understanding, really.
    Of the three you gave, I can’t really say I’m clear cut any of them.
    edit: bbaby, the only people who will tell you that you need any tools are the people trying to sell them to you. They are preferable, but definitely not required.

  5. I’m studying Western and Jyotish astrology. I’m also learning to read the tarot and the I Ching. Syncronicities are happening almost all the time around me i.e. I read an article on Isaac Newton on wikipedia that details his occult studies and his prediction of th end of the world, and the next day I read in the newspaper about his doomsday prediction for 2040.
    It seems I’m influencing the collective unconciouss in a deep manner, at least hollywood celebrities, they seem to be thinking the exact same thoughts that I’m having, it seems they are stealing my ideas!. Other explanation is that I’m merging with the collective unconcious or creating an alternative reality of my own, and experiencing all this weird things. When I watch the tv, the people that are transmitting live seem to be looking at me, and if I’m angry or something, they react in a interesting way.
    Wicca or magic seem to be too naturalistic to me. I prefer divination systems. The only magic I like and practice is Feng Shui.

  6. I’ve been like this my whole life for as long as I can remember. I have a few questions from time to time but I figure it out or move on. What am I looking for? That depends on what aspect you are referring to. That question is too opened for me to answer.

  7. Hi Sweetie
    I am almost 94 years old and have been studing witchcraft my whole life, since my great grandmother came from Ireland. and though I have studied all these years it still amazes me the new things you can learn every day.

  8. I have been studding Wicca for 12 1/2 years, I guess you could say I pretty well have the basics down. I love working with herbs, I’ll admit thought I don’t know as much as I’d like. I had an accident in ’96 that left me with brain damage, basically a REALLY bad memory.Before the accident I was in school to become a trauma surgeon so, I have always had the impulse to want to heal people. I did some reading on Celtic Shamanism and found it immensely fascinating. Do you think there is any information you could share with me?
    )o( Blessed Be!

  9. I have not been studying officially. I try to read up on the issues of psychic abilities and tarot. I read for family memebers and close friends. They tell me that I am very accurate and ask for readings on a regular basis. I am feeling more in tune lately.

  10. I started studying western Astrology about one year ago,and I’ve been focusing most on Horary and Psychological Astrology.I’ve found that the study of Astrology bodes quite well with that of Psychology,another interest of mine.Some people take a spiritual,karmical approach to the subject where as I prefer to focus on more mundane things,such as psychological issues or day to day problems.
    I used to practice fortune telling with playing cards,but quit that a few months ago,I was simply never that good at it.Due to certain life events,I’ve been thinking about getting back at it.
    Mr.Crowley got me a little bit interested in Magick,and I’ve done some research on the subject,withouth getting too deep in it.Still,I never actually praticed it,and I don’t think I ever will.

  11. well i try to astral travel but when i give up and try to standup again i cant move which means i i am half doing it.
    any techniques or tips?

  12. So, you’re asking a question to see if anyone has a question for you? Odd.
    Exactly what tradition do you belong to? How did you earn your HP 3* status?


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