Home Discussion Forum Are you spiritual or do you want to be in future?

Are you spiritual or do you want to be in future?

Assuming spirituality is that which enhances this understanding, brings you peace of mind, makes you happier, more compassionate, awakens a want to serve etc. It makes you realize that your life is much more than what you think it is.


  1. I am on my own terms. I don’t attend church and neither does my partner or our child. I pray when I need to, and I attend religious things when I feel like it. I think everyone has their own sense of spirituality.

  2. For me I have found that being happy with myself, wanting to serve others ( I am a nurse ) being compassionate and having a sense of peace of mind …. are all things I have, and are as a person have discovered without spirituality or Religon.

  3. I discovered Islam just a few months ago and ever since then I have felt very spiritual. Before Islam, I felt no spirituality and empty, like I was missing something. Now I feel happy that I am trying to get on the straight path and I plan to get more and more spiritual the more I learn about this wonderful religion.

  4. i am indeed spiritual, i feel and have been taught strongly that without God, we cannot do anything good or righteous. we need God, and he delights in you, you will be amazed at how much he wants for you. and the walk in christianity is hard but you really can rejoice at what God does for you.


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