Home Discussion Forum Are you someone who feeds off the auras present around you?

Are you someone who feeds off the auras present around you?

Whatever that means. Lol. 😉
Thanks in advance. ((HUGS))


  1. I certainly am.
    I could be the happiest person in the world, but if I went into a room full of depressed people, I’d absorb their aura in no time.
    I should learn to be more independent I suppose.

  2. Well if your referring to if someones aura effects me then yes. If someone is in a bad mood it rubs off and it gets me in a bad mood. I can feel if they don’t want to be in a certain place, or there happy if someones dead. It’s kind of creepy but i can sense these things -_-

  3. I have a tendency to pick up moods. If the people around me are in bad moods, even if I started out fine, I will suddenly be in a bad mood.
    I think auras work a bit like that, too. According to what I’ve read, auras are energy fields that reflect your health, mood, and energy levels. They can also repel or attract other energies.

  4. yes but don’t do it consciously though. i realized in high school when ever my friends were in a s*it mood regardless to their expressing it or not i could feel it and it effected my moods but it only works if i’m close (emotionally) to you

  5. I think you mean vibes & the atmosphere it creates.
    Aura is the energy colour to represent the mood of the person.
    But i know what youmean.
    Im really open to spiritual things like that, so vibes affect me really heavily.


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