Are you sensative to spirits? What do you feel when a spirit is near?

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I don’t know how to explain it but when ever i sense a spirit is near I can sort of hear it, its like a high frequency noise, kind of like a ringing in my ears but not loud at all. I can feel their energy and sometimes they communicate with me through dreams or visions. I also suffer from “sleep paralysis” but only when spirit activity is at its peak. If a spirit is communicating with me i cant move or speak out, i get really shaky and it lasts for several minutes until the spirit either gives up or has communicated to me.
Has anyone else ever had a similar experience? This happens randomly, but at least 3-5 times a month.
FLOWER CHILD: same thing here! except in stead of seeing them “walk”into the room i hear them, in a weird way haha
CAMMILE: I know where you are coming from, if i sence something bad or if a spirit is bothering me i do what you do.

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I can’t take your question serious with the name MILF


1. everybody gets that high frequency noise
2. i also dream..
3.congrats, you have seizures

Flower Child

I just feel… I don’t knowww… a presence. Like when someone walks in to a room, it feels different then when your there by your self. But you can’t see any one:)


When the Holy Spirit alerts me to what spirit is attacking me or others, I just turn to my weapons and cast it out in the name of Jesus.
Christians have authority over the devil and he cannot stay once the name of Jesus has been spoken!!


the humming noise you hear could be electromagnetic energy and that’s why ghost hunters use electromagnetic equipment to find them. U call them ghosts but in Islam, we call them jinns. Sometimes all of a sudden you will smell a strong pleasant odor if one is present. I get a chill and my hair on my neck stands up when I sense one. People actually believe me when I say I feel one. My wife’s family laughed at me when I told them that the baby in the house was playing with one all the time. Four years later, the presence started making itself known and no more laughing and they moved out. They owned that house, they didn’t rent it.


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