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are you scared of death?

my mom had a near death experience and said it was wonderful and beautiful, but i’ve read about suicide attempt survivors who said it was a hellish nightmare and they are terrified of dying. i kinda want to try it but you can only do it once, but some people say smoking dmt is the death experience because it’s the same chemical as what the pineal gland in the brain shoots you up with when you die.
personally i think life is terrible so i can’t wait, but i’m afraid of going to hell so i won’t do it. and dmt, well, my fragile psyche doesn’t handle psychedelics well so dmt is out of the question.
my new meds make my dreams into horrible nightmares of dead people that live in a very crowded city, and sometimes they go into a theater together and satan turns them into demons with marijuana and heavy metal videos. do you think these dreams are real? do we go to the land of the dead while we sleep?


  1. No, I’m not. We’ll all die and I accept that.
    On a side note, finally someone else who has an edited Yahoo! avatar/picture/whatever 😀

  2. How weird! I have a friend who had a near death experience, actually she flat lined for a bit, and said that when she came to she told her father “It was beautiful, dad.” She doesn’t remember saying that, of course. She was told about that.
    Yes, I’m afraid to die… More so afraid of leaving my life behind, than anything. I’m not ready to go yet. I want to continue living so I can watch my son grow up.

  3. I would say your present medications aren’t working find a shrink that can help. My boy has a mental illness and we went thru 4 therapists before we found the right combination.

  4. Yep.
    But I just accept it. I know I will die one day… but I’m scared of forgetting everything. Forgetting my family and friends….
    even though I know I will, cause my brain will shut down. It’s a scary thought… but I won’t live my life with false hope… cause if I do… I won’t be prepared, and I won’t cherish every moment I have with my family…
    I was kind of stupid last year… a friend of mine died and I can’t even remember the last time I hugged him… So I’m gonna try to remember everything from now on! ^-^

  5. You need Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only one who conquered death. His death on the cross covers the sin of everyone who puts their faith in him.
    2 Corinthians 5:21, says, “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.”
    What does that mean? God made Jesus sin. He treated Him as if He had committed our sin, even though He never sinned. God punished Jesus for our sin and when we place our faith in Jesus, God looks at us and He sees the righteousness of Jesus.

  6. I don’t think so. They can, and most likely are dreams.
    I am not afraid of death. I believe that when we die Jesus calls our names three times and if we answer his call he will welcome us into heaven. This is what he told St. Faustina as recorded in her Diary.

  7. What’s so bad about thinking that you just cease to exist, after you die?
    Your body becomes fertilizer and that’s a beautiful thought.
    You decompose. The parts that formed are now giving themselves back to earth. You become soil and nourishment for other living beings.
    Jesus does not exist. He will not help you.
    Instead of trying to escape life, take it as a challenge.
    I think that you are actually just trying to pull our legs here.
    Or you really are THAT weird.
    Either way: Life is something we should experience and cherish. Do not flee. Face it. Look at it. Experience it.
    See it as a game.
    Don’t believe what any religion tells you.
    There is no hell.
    There is no heaven.
    Those are just means of manipulating you, coercing you, forcing you to accept their dogma so that THEY can become more powerful.
    The worst thing is: Those scary stories have poisened your mind to the degree, that you started to dream about demons and satan. Isn’t that sad?
    Come to your own conclusions. Don’t accept dogma. Set yourself free from religion and their toxic dogma.
    And you will finally start to see that there is nothing to fear.
    That you are truely free.
    That you don’t need anyone to save you.
    No mysterious skydaddy (god), no scapegoat (jesus).
    No one will save you… except you!
    You ARE god, so to speak.
    Become your own saviour. Take responsibility and you will FINALLY be free. You will finally stop being a victim.
    The power lies in YOUR HANDS alone.


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