Home Discussion Forum Are you or anyone you know in a realtionship with a succubus?

Are you or anyone you know in a realtionship with a succubus?

If so, can you give me some tips on how I can do to have a relationship with a succubus?
Do you know of any succubi? If so, could you send me an e-mail.


  1. Succubus like to hang out around porn shops and gay bars. Looks for tall sexy women with deep voice, and big adam’s apples. Succubus have deep voices and adams apples, so watch for that.

  2. You do not “have a relationship” with a succubus. You are abused and exploited by a succubus. It is not a pleasant or enjoyable experience as you are being drained of your energies and taken advantage of while you should be resting and sleeping. As I have come to understand them, succubi are selfish and jealous, and they do not consider their host anymore than you might consider a sandwich at lunchtime. They are typically weak and needy beings that are not beautiful or attractive in any way.
    Encounters with a succubus are not about sex and you will not have a sexual experience with a succubus. You will be violated personally and emotionally and you will not enjoy the experience.
    If you want to have a relationship, go talk to somebody you are attracted to and develop a comfort with them that may allow a further physical relationship. Live in the physical world if you want a physical relationship. If you want a relationship with a spirit, I would recommend that you try to locate a spirit that is more generous than selfish.

  3. It matters what you call them and what they call you (LUNCH). There are people out there that this species of creature use for food. Pain causes them great happiness only because it creates juice in the blood. Their toungs filter out everything but that nice little drink they need. Suck-U, isn’t kept to just the Vampires…if you taste good, your wishes are granted. From…one-in-my-ear. Only way to get it off you is to say sweet nothings in its ear.


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