ARe you JUST starting to learn your tarot cards?

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ARe you just starting to learn your tarot cards and have some abilities you’d like to tap into? what deck are you using? Let me know!

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The Future Mrs.Valencia

my what cards???? i just use playing cards =)

Hail Lucifer!!

I have about 6 different Tarot decks but the one I prefer the most is Robin Williams.


I use one deck of tarot cards and I have used them for quite a while. I am lazy so I still have to refer to the book more often than not… is quite scary how accurate they are sometimes even if it doesnt appear so initially. and sometimes it is definitely NOT what I want to hear but it is still accurate!!!

Becky C

I’ve been reading cards for YEARS and I’m still learning. I have the Archeon Tarot deck. I find its easier for me to divine them than with regular Rider Waite.


i hear those are bad luck

PreTty BeLievEr♥

what are tarot cards i hear ppl talking bout them and its make me curioUs…….:)
can u email me about this??

Sadhara Satguru

have studied them for 20 years + & teach them – even have a forum ~ !


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