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Are you in the middle of Christianity and Atheism?

Do you think that evolution and natural selection are correct principles of creation, but that it is possible that through G*d that, these principles as well as the earth and the heavens came into existence and continues to evolve by him? Why can’t evolution and G*d exist together?
If the nature of G*d is holiness and pure love; doesn’t it seem contradictory that G*d’s is willing to condemn the masses to a fiery hell for eternity? Don’t you think that maybe the judgment to a fiery hell is more the qualities of mankind and not an omniscient G*d who is the purest form of love?
It also seems contradictary that Jesus Christ was a legalistic sacrifice demanded by G*d- Doesn’t that seem a bit sadistical? We are created in G*d’s image, but I wouldn’t create a child that I knew I was going to end up condemn for all eternity. So either I am more compassionate than G*d or I reflect the true nature of G*d.
Do you think the role of the crucifixation of Jesus, as portrayed by Christianity, was a really a sacrifice to G*d or that he suffered because he came in the physical as we are and was at the mercy of mankind who passed judgment on him. They didn’t like his beliefs.
Most would agree that his death and ressurection was to show us that death could ultimately be overcome, an example of awakening into the light of God in the spiritual. But we don’t have to wait until death, do we? Don’t we suffer and awaken spiritualy every day through our suffering on earth? Modern fundamentalist believe that “giving your heart to Jesus” is all there is but I am pondering that it is more complex and yet more simple. The complexity of his teachings is that our Lord wants us to have- love for all mankind without judgment. That in itself is a difficult command and is seen in the passionate pleas of most humans. Hearts can be in the right place, but intolerance abounds towards their fellow man.
Are you in the middle, as I? If so, it would be nice to hear your thoughts. I know how the Atheist thinks and I know how the Christian thinks. So what are your thoughts if you aren’t committed one way or the other?
Maybe I worded it wrong. I should have said Christianity vs. Atheistic ideals, i.e. evolution. My bad.
ms: thanks for getting me. I appreciate your thought out answer and observations!


  1. It’s not possible to be on the fence with this.
    You’re either on the Lord’s side or you’re on the devil’s side.
    There is no gray area here.
    Same with creation……….you either believe it or you believe the lie of evolution

  2. There is no middle ground between atheism and Christianity.
    Atheism means a lack of belief in god(s). Nothing more. Nothing less.

  3. “Why can’t evolution and G*d exist together?”
    Because Evolution is fact and god is imaginary.
    Science does not concern itself with fictional characters from mythology.

  4. Evolution has absolutely nothing to do with atheism. You mind as well associate the theory of gravity with atheism as well.
    Evolution is the study of changing allele frequencies in populations.
    It does not explain how life on Earth originated or where did the universe come from.

  5. “Evolution” is completely incompatible with the Bible. Avoid the “evolution” lie. “Evolution” has been proven false 100 years ago.
    As for believing, you either believe, or you don’t. There is no middle ground.
    The best advice: BELIEVE in Jesus alone for salvation 🙂
    The truth about Jesus is that the only way to be saved and to get into heaven and avoid being sent to eternal hell, is by believing in faith alone that Jesus, who is God, died for our sins on the cross as FULL PAYMENT for all our sins, and then Jesus rose from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). Believe this and you will be in heaven, no matter what!

  6. You are not in the middle. You are a Christian who has accepted the scientific evidence for evolution. I think that is fine.
    Lots of people are religious without taking the bible literally word-for-word, and I think that is fine.
    The reason I say you aren’t “half atheist” is because that makes no sense. atheist just means that you lack a belief in any gods. You can still deny evolution… I have yet to meet someone like this though. Just saying….

  7. I am not in the middle.
    There is no proof that Allah exists in any religion. Religions were made up to control the minds of people and keep them fearful. I would say that more harm has been done by religious people than non religious people.

  8. I’m caught in the middle (the crossfire), but am not myself stuck in the middle. I just get hit with criticism from both sides.
    I have always been someone good at finding patterns. In two arguments I tend to find good correlations. Nature vs. Nurture, the Bible vs. scientific research…. I see patterns in the two and similarities.

  9. I do not see how anyone can be in the middle. You either believe in this stuff, or you don’t. I don’t see how you can accept some and reject the rest. In this case, the opposing ideas are mutually exclusive.
    And, as are most of your ilk, you’re far too wordy. Truth doesn’t need all this obfuscation.
    Edit: No wonder you like MS’s answer. It, too, goes on forever and doesn’t make much sense.

  10. I was struck mostly by the middle part of your last paragraph.
    “I know how the Atheist thinks and I know how the Christian thinks.”
    Personally, I don’t know everything about anyone and I find it amusing that someone else should claim that they do. Particularly because many of the disagreements I find are not Atheist vs.Christian, but Christian vs. Christian. There are more than a dozen Christian denominations in the world mostly (as far as I’ve been able to determine) because someone decided that someone else was doing it wrong and they could get closer to God if they changed things. Even Christians don’t know what other Christians think. Just an observation.
    I believe that God is the greatest scientist in the universe. I believe in the teachings of Christ as they are taught in the Bible and beyond. I still don’t know enough about the current beliefs about evolution to know how much I credit them, but I’m learning a little more every day. Having an unbiased source is helpful.

  11. Well.. once i was. then i continued my tough studies on different books & articles & … finally i turned out to be an atheist.
    The question is not only the evolution. I can make you sure that religions will find a way to accept it, so they will be able to survive. Because Religions like everything else need to EVOLVE! Once people believed & worshiped Sun, Zeus,… now its time for a god which you cant touch, you can’t find (cuz he’s everywhere), you cant see, you cant do anything on him! But it still has to be evolved.
    There are many other questions like:
    1-How can Noah’s flood happen when we know that at 4500 BC in china people were continuing to live their normal life.
    2-Some christians still believe that earth was created 6000 BC which is as stupid as saying the distance between america & china is 200 meters!
    3-How can Adam’s children marry to have babies?
    I need to say that they always find some unexplainable, strange answer for every question. like “maybe god knows better than us” or “god was allowing them to marry their sisters & ..” Where’s written that GOD WAS ALLOWING…???
    4-there’s a site: http://www.WHYGODDOESNTHEALAMPUTEES.com
    Jesus can make some1 to see, make some1 to come back to life, … things which are all done throughout centuries. but why are amputees ignored… btw u dont belive in magicians today!
    there are many others.. but i just want to mention the last final one here: 1- As a christian u have to believe in power of pray. its not upon u. if u are following any god, u have to believe. So.. why the cross-sectional & cohort studies (they are tyoe of studies) & all others showed that there’s no difference of OUTCOME between religious people who pray continuosly & athiests & agnostics who do not. Why the religious people divorce at the same rate as others, whilst the priest (or religious man) is saying that let no1 separate what god joint (sry for my english).
    They will always find a strange answer which wont satisfy u & ARE NOT BASED ON EVIDENCE.


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