Home Discussion Forum Are you in a relationship with a succubus/inccubus?

Are you in a relationship with a succubus/inccubus?

If so, can you give me some tips on how I can do to have a relationship with a succubus?
Do you know of any succubi? If so, could you send me an e-mail.


  1. my ex is an incubus. If I were you I would get rid of him/her, because of the whole “demon” factor. Here’s a spell to get rid of one:
    Evil demon who kills with lust
    Whom unlucky mortals trust
    Burn in your own passion’s heat
    Demon heart no longer beat!
    It helps if you add a little eye of newt blended with wine to throw at the succubus/incubus.

  2. why do yu want one, if yu are sure, send me your pic, when i get my next visit from The LILIITU, I will send them your way… got no idea,how I attract them, as they just arrive!
    am finding ways of getting rid of, by sending them next door to my christian neighbours…!


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