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Are you guilty of intolerance and judgement?

I dont believe that you have to throw the baby out with the bath water, and i do believe that it is entirely possible that Senator Obama’s church serves its community very well, and that it is possible to overlook political opinions of a man for a greater spiritual sense of togetherness with god.
With that i reject the idea that Senator Obama has an obligation to withdraw from his church because of inflammatory remarks.
I also believe that there mostly political reasons for the hatred being eschewed here, we tear each other down so that our respective candidate might prosper.
I believe that is the sin of ego and pridefullness showing itself.
Do the Yahoo users believe sincerely that Mr Obama is a racist anti american? He has said he is not. He has shown great love for this country, do you believe his entire life has been some kind of rehearsal?
Why is it so hard for American people to be tolerant ?
So you are incapable of looking past ones faults to see the good in them?
Most likely you are attempting to bolster the clinton campaign by scaring people and fanning the flame of hate
and yes i call myself an american. in my america we are proud of what we say and type, not hiding on the internet saying hateful things that my family would be embarrassed by


  1. Because to tolerate hate directed by one race to another is not wright If you tolerate one kind then you cannot disagree with another

  2. I won’t tolerate a man who has such a revolting sense of entitlement that he claims a light will shine down on him if he’s elected president. That kind of self-satisfied talk disgusts me coming from ANYBODY.

  3. we can only go on what we see and hear, bill clinton did alot of lying, good grief!! No more suprises please

  4. He comes from an unhealthy multiracial family dynamic, and seeks validation from an unhealthy ministry.
    There are *much* healthier interracial kids who love both the black and the white sides of their family, and by no means would even be interested in limiting their identities as demanded by the subliminal Trinity Church “conditional love” dialog.

  5. If he loves his country so much, why has he refused to show it even minimally? He has had ample opportunities to portray himself as a patriotic American but has not. At this point if he started wearing a flag pin on his lapel or saluting the flag it would be just an act for votes.
    Of course he has an obligation to withdraw from his church! If Hillary was attending a church blaming the black community for the woes faced by average white American’s you bet your butt there would have been a major uproar! Why should he be treated any differently?
    I don’t think it is so hard for most American’s to be tolerant, but only if people are showing who they sincerely are. We don’t take to kindly to people pretending to be something they aren’t to get ahead.

  6. “You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.”
    Abraham Lincoln
    I think American People have been tolerant.
    Just don’t keep taking advantage, and ask for more tolerance.

  7. Yes, I’m guilty of both. I am not tolerant of bad ideas, and I never hesitate to pass judgment on things with which I disagree. If people tolerated everything and didn’t judge anything, no one would have stood up to stop Hitler.
    Make sense, Sweetums?

  8. I admit I used to be an intolerant, judgemental person. However, after spending many days n nights in HMMWV and Tent city with other races and cultures, I let that side of me go. In the military, we were all brothers. Phuck with one and you phuck with all. I miss that now that I am out of the service.

  9. agreed, Obama does not have an obligation to withdraw from his church, but the American voter does have the choice not to vote for him given the fact he is in very close association with an anti-American, anti-white, hate monger.
    as far as political motives are concerned, I can only pray for the day when all politicians are held to the same standards and it doesn’t matter what party affiliation they have. But right now we have democrats throwing race and gender into the mix of things and they have yet to talk about real issues. and this is just debating amongst themselves. if you want to see things get really ugly, just wait til Obama or Clinton face a republican. watch the hatred and venom and divisiveness that spews from them then, and echoed in the mainstream media.
    I agree with you, ego and pride is humanity’s downfall.
    Obama is no more anti-American or racist or divisive than is Hiliary Clinton.
    In the infamous words of what’s-his-name, “can’t we all just get along??”

  10. Democrats were not so tolerant of Senator Trent Lott’s racial joke at a retirement party….he resigned in disgrace as the Leader of the Senate for his off color joke.
    Democrats were not so tolerant of David Duke a Senator from the South who had associations with the KKK…he resigned in disgrace.
    Now Obama is a black racists, who has associations with racists, and well, “can we all just get along”?! Moveon.org?!, move forward, whatever…..Democrats are hypocrites.
    Senator Obama should leave the Senate as Senator Lott was forced to do several years ago for racist remarks and associations.
    Obama resign NOW. i realize he is to power hungry and egocentric to EVER put the country first.

  11. Everyone has at some point in their life shown intolerance, even Mother Teresa.
    No one asked him to withdraw from his church. He was asked to distance himself from someone that proved on the pulput that they were racist.
    It does not mean he is one. I can’t say the same for his wife though.

  12. That is the question people in the forum are asking of Obama’s pastor. Where is the tolerance. Our pastors do not teach week after week how evil the black man is. We do not teach that the government created aids just to kill the white man off. We do not ask our members to sink God Damn America because we are turned down jobs because of affirmative action. Our pastors do not give awards to the most vile white supremacists.
    If Hilary’s pastor gave an award to the head of the KKK you would be incensed and would be making a big deal out of it. It her pastor did any of the things listed above all of which pastor Wright has done, you would make a big deal about it.
    It is the people in this forum who are asking Obama and his church to be more tolerant.
    And you find that our working for tolerance to be intolerant.
    Here are some videos of just how much hate this pastor is spreading.

  13. Wait, if there is nothing wrong then why is he leaving his Church? I would not leave my church. Why is he leaving? To distance himself from him Mentor? Please do you actually think that him doing this now is going to make a differece. We are grown ups we cant keep our kids from seeing people we don’t like.I don’t hate Obama why you think that. He is at a Church that hates white men, Americans and preaching about whites giving blacks aides. I am not tearing anyone down. That was Obamas mentor, You believe everything you here? Why he stay somewhere for 20 years and expose his children to this if he did not believe it? He should have none better.No one says there a racist do they? Actions speak louder than words, don’t believe everything you here.

  14. I consider myself extremely tolerant but come on now,Obama attended this church and listened to Reverend Wright’s sermons for 20 years. I myself would be very leery of a preacher who uses God’s name in vain.

  15. Yes we all know that Obama, has been going to this church for 20 years and Rev Jerihmah Wright, had s been saying these things for years, he hates Israel, and is a friend of Louis Farakkan,and Obama and Farakkan are friends, his own Rev calls us God Damn America, I thought you did not swear in church, Obama is claimed to be a uniter instead of a divider, that speech, who really is Barrack Hussien Obama,? he is critcizing Nafta, yet he is for it, The Surge he said the surge is working, he should be by partison, yet in the Senate he has voted against every thing good for a American anti semetic views, Is This man qualified to be president, I am thank ful we found out now rather than after he became President with these racial; viewpoints, you can’t tell me he has not heard the Rev Wright preach the relgion of Hate in his church How naieve are we, we are not that stupid we can see right thought him I am an angry Democrat!

  16. Guilty…but not as guilty as the minorities who mugged me the FIRST time, thereby causing me to become a tad less tolerant and a little quicker to judge all the murder and mayhem committed by their minority bruthas!
    Ask most Americans if they have been directly affected by minority crime. Did this crime cause them to be less tolerant?
    The nerve of them being less tolerant!

  17. I absolutely reject the idea of public pressure on the Senator to “quit his church.” Ridiculous, naive, even cruel.
    The church and its associations are part of who the Senator is; a Harvard Law degree recipient has the intelligence and tools of self-determination to evaluate his environment and course of action.
    Wright has been openly agitating his ideology for a LONG time. The Senator has received no revelation regarding the pastor’s message or intentions—-only indications that the public don’t like them—what would bowing to public pressure REALLY indicate?
    If his supporters don’t like his church affilations, they should support someone else—not demand that their racehorse be artificially altered in order to ease their cognitive dissonance.
    Moreover, if the Senator TRULY rejects his church, then he either
    1) lacks personal conviction in the founder’s / pastor’s message, and / or the mission and beliefs of the church, and therefore chose to affiliate with that congregation for decades in order to serve his own secular / political reasons—not a good indication of character or spiritual conviction, is it?
    2) he will experience a major personal crisis over this coerced self-alienation which will inhibit his abilities to function on the job
    While I empathize with the situation described in the latter possibility, the Office of the President is hardly the place to experience a pervasive identity crisis of this sort.

  18. Allow laudatory comments be given to all who choose to undertake to grow, while all participate in the growing of a nation. What strides! ‘And so many are the pains of growth; now apples, now oranges.
    Came then the one that came to know the other’s because the other sought so ardently to know and placate the one and now knows it all so well!
    Of apples and oranges and cherries, each is sweet; each, round; each is a fruit born of trees; each, with deep differences. For centuries and up to now and continuing, we had only to know just one; O have our palates changed; and these must.
    O Saturn, the same is not good again! — ‘high time the change!
    Things change, is all, sometimes drastically so where has many who think themselves good people, had but determined to sleep hitherto this time and enjoy the windfalls as in countless past seasons. Now comes a new wind and again as always is there the first fruit and windfall; this time, a sport fruit it is. ‘And maybe this one, this time, like it or not, is an acquired taste we see for so very, very many.


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