Home Discussion Forum Are you going to Hug a tree for Earth Day?

Are you going to Hug a tree for Earth Day?

I have seen people do that and they are on some Drug are you?


  1. I’m not sure “hugging” a tree is the best answer-how about watering a tree instead and planting a “little friend” in it’s honor.(Hug your S.O. instead and vow to use less paper products!)

  2. *Clean up parks and other public places
    *Use recycled products (i.e. Recycled paper bags)
    *Walk more often
    *Don’t Pollute
    *Plant a tree
    *Protest against tree cutters
    *Plant plants
    *Make earth lovely
    and finally…
    *Spread the Word
    *Enjoy what you do for Earth

  3. The best I can to do what is good for the world I live in by recycling, composting and on earth day I plant a tree. I am a very religious man and I am not a hypocrite like some that claim to be religious. God wants us to be to good to our world and fellow man. It’s good to be green.

  4. No. No one in my family uses drugs.
    But I had told my kids, as they grew up, if they have
    property, to plant fruit trees.
    My Son listened well. As he has a large lot surrounding his home, he has planted 25 various fruit trees. One of them
    he planted for me, as I no longer have property.
    I am proud of my Son for doing his part in helping to clear
    up the Atmospheric Pollution. Trees emit Oxygen, and
    Absorb Carbon Dioxide. Man emits Carbon Dioxide, and absorbs Oxygen. Trees maintain a Chemical Balace
    in the Atmosphere. This cooperation allows man and animals
    to survive.
    Internal Combustion Engines suck up Oxygen and spew out
    Carbon Dioxide, in direct competition to man. Those
    engines are the biggest polluter to our Atmosphere. We will
    not be able to stop Global Warming until these Engines are Eliminated from use.


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