Are you going through a spiritual awakening process?

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Mine started in April of 2007 and it has been a great wild ride. I am having a lot of fun with and look forward to more on this ride. How is your awakening going?

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No, I’m recovering from an operation on my fifth metatarsal. My brain is preoccupied with my foot healing.






I am waiting to fully see God in the spirit and walk with the understanding of God. God will make me perfect in this life and my life will be holy unto him. So yes I am going threw a spiritual awakening process as I seek after his holy righteous ways and understanding to depart from evil.
people lack the understanding that is why they fall in sin and can not be perfect. They do not seek God who understands all things, and seek his holy ways.


More like a spiritual closing down process.


I’m going through something spiritual, but it is very scary and uncomfortable for me. Very different then when I was first baptized in the spirit, and prayed in the spirit. I can still pray in the spirit, but my life is falling apart at the seems and I can’t understand what God is trying to say to me, because I’m losing a dream that I believed for and prayed for and worked for, and now I’m losing it all. I want my dream back, but God doesn’t want me to have it anymore.My plans are falling apart, and I just want things to be right again, and be in peace again. So this kind of spiritual awakening process is very uncomfortable.I pray God hurry’s up and gets done with me, and whatever it is that I need to do. I will do it, even if it is the hardest thing in the world. I guess God called me to grow and change and give more than I ever imagined. This is the first really difficult growing I’ve ever done in my whole life.


Yes, mine started almost 10 years ago. I was eye deep into a religion that I thought was the only true one. I started really searching for God. I soon lost my family, ended up in a Godless war where I was injured and saw so many innocent children injured even worse. I lost faith in God and fell away from Him thinking that He could not possibly exist. I was still fascinated with religion even though I felt burned by mine and I fervently began searching and studying all the different ones. One day I had a revelation that my problem was rooted in the beliefs that I had been raised with. I had to open my mind to the fact that nearly everything I had been taught about God was wrong. This realization immediately renewed my faith in God and I can now see that this long years has only been to teach me and help me see and know the real God. I am still learning but the path is much brighter now. Good luck to all on their spiritual path and God bless.


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