Are you familiar with the theories that state that different levels of consciousness allow you to experience?

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another dimension of the multiverse?
**stupid spellcheck says “Multiverse” isn’t a word….

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yes i am.
i dont understand them too well, and i have never experienced them, bu t i know people who have.
not throuhg conciousness though, through spirituality.

theo the cod BTFH

You mean the theory of New Age Mumbo Jumboism. You have two levels of consciousness: conscious and unconscious. Reality is dealt with by the conscious mind and the unconscious mind deals with dreams, fantasies and doing things you don’t need to think about.


somewhat, though if you want a master i would suggest a Tibetan spiritualist. they are on a whole different level than the rest of us with understanding the mind and the altered states of consciousness


Do any one know of a good magic school and past life regression school? Thanks?

Please don't answer if you don't believe in God and Spirituality. I don't want to read any uneducated answers.

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Many enlightened people or at least those who claim like Echat Tolle and some Zen people i know claim that there is no soul,...

Do you agree that the point of Buddhist meditation is a passive-aggressive anger at the world?

Of course, Buddhists themselves will deny it, but that's a common reaction of neurotics who are unhappy with themselves.

Do healing crystals work, and if so, how?

I have been brought up to believe in healing crystals, but since the age of 10, I have had doubts about whether they work...
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