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Are you Enlightened??? Do you need Salvation?

This stems from my post yesterday:
I got some interesting responses. The post spoke about a writer’s concern that “Spiritual but not Religious” people felt that they didn’t need Salvation which is only given through Jesus Christ.
So my question is, if you consider yourself Enlightened/Awakened or on a Spiritual Journey to your Creator, do you feel you need Salvation?


  1. Yahoo put this in my inbox four times!!..Obviously worrying about my lack of spiritual progress!!!!!!
    I dont think we ever get the the top of that *mountain* called enlightenment, although there are obviously degrees of so-being along the way..Otherwise if we did get to the top, would we perhaps just sit up there looking down with nothing to do but pick our nose?!!!!..(I*m not much good at playing musical instruments!)
    As I believe that we all are part of the which we call God or Divine Consciousness, why would I need to be saved from myself?!..
    If, on the other hand, one believes (and as the church teaches) that we are separate from God, then I can understand that question and the belief in needing to be *saved*..
    Bliss comes from within..Heaven is experienced within, hell too, and what is experienced within becomes our experience *out there*, for the unseen becomes visible, thought becomes reality….Thus, what is in a man*s heart becomes who he is..
    Fear is the great enemy, for it is self-fulfilling..

  2. My precious Jewel…
    My sincere compliments to “Jerry” above….He sure has put the whole matter into the RIGHT perspective and I agree with him 110%..-smile-
    Hell NOoooooooo!!!! I damn sure do NOT need “any salvation”…Salvation from WHAT ??? You see….I believe we “are God”…I mean, we carry this “God-like-spirit” INSIDE of us and NOT “somewhere outside of us” ! God is NOT something “external” (as these various religions and churches make you (falsely)believe) That’s why I do NOT approve of such DOGMA at all…..
    You see, honey…if I treat each human being with respect and kindness…do NEVER (intentionally)harm/hurt anyone….behave like I wish to be treated…then….from…W H A T should I get “salvation”???? You get my point ??? I’ve NEVER deceived, cheated or “screwed” someone in all my 56 years….so from WHAT shall I get salvation ??? From being nice ????? You get my message????
    Whether I’m “enlightened”…or “spiritual”….or…”whatever” you wish to call it….I don’t know..baby…All I do know is that I am trying to be a GOOD person and a genuine friend and that’s all I am certain about ! Sending you my best wishes for the future and all my love & care…****

  3. I reject the notion of salvation simply because I cannot conceive of a God who would need to set up a system where the beings he created would would violate a set of laws and therefore be in need of salvation by his “son”
    In my vision of God. He created the wonderous universe and we are simply a part of that creation. No greater or no less great than any other part. It is our privalage to have the intellect to be aware of his existence and can search and seek to understand who and what he is and what he offers us.


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