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Are you convinced a younger member of your family is the reincarnation of an ancestor?

As a person who has lived long enough to have known members of your family who lived a century ago and your own grandchildren, have you seen anything that makes you believe the young ones may have existed before?
My grandmother died many years before I was born, and when I was young, several members of my father’s family said I was so much like his mother that it was uncanny. Since my father died, I often wonder if I really had been his mother in a previous life. It often seemed that way.


  1. . It’s comforting to think stuff like that, but reality says different.
    There is NO Santa Claws, no easter bunny, no reincarnation.
    Once you’re gone, you ARE gone.

  2. No. The problem with some people especially catholics believe that man has a spirit that when they die it goes to heaven. thats nonsense. If that is that case You don’t need Jesus Christ. The Bible doesn’t teaches that. If a person dies, he is dead, unconscious, not knowing anything. Mary is dead awaiting resurrection.

  3. It is a tough call, because families have traits carried in their dna that keep reappearing, but I believe in reincarnation for various reasons.

  4. Not sure about that one. Jury is still out on the reincarnation question. However, with two monstrous nephews in my family, I hate to think who they might have been in the past – because they certainly don’t appear to be showing any improvement this time around! I love them dearly, but both appear to have a death wish!

  5. genetics. My children have cousins they have never met, but I have. The resemblance in uncanny, not only physical appearance but the sound of the voice, the demeanor, the gait everything.

  6. My Mother claims that I am her Uncle that passed away days before I was born. She was very fond of him. We’re both railroad Engineers, been married twice (very common for railroaders especially), and look alike. Apparently, we share many other characters as well. But, I don’t know. I’m just me.

  7. I think people inherit so many genes of one certain person that it makes it seem like that. Just like I can see lots of things in my girls that was in their grandparents. Personality traits are carried over in genes.

  8. My third son is the image of my deceased father, he passed before he was born, All in our extended family say he is just like him, i never saw it until now , he is 4…the likeness is showing, and the actions are telling! I use to think we just wanted it to be true , we missed my father so, no it is just a reality…

  9. Its too late for you, but if your family said that you had some resemblance to your grandmother, it could have been things you said.
    Let me explain first, that I don’t believe in reincarnation. But there are some things that need explaining. Some things that cause people to wonder. The best candidates to ask about this is little children. That’s why I said it too late for you.
    There have been recorded incidents of some children explaining about bad incidents in prior lives. A 3 year old child explaining that he was a fighter pilot in WWII. Another child explaining the fears and questions while fighting in the civil war here in the USA. I have read some of these stories and it leaves you wondering.
    But these stories usually end when the children are around 5 or 6. That’s when the doors shut.
    If you’re inclined, e-mail me.

  10. My two best friends are convinced that my youngest daughter has been here before. It’s uncanny in that I can be thinking of something and she will come up with a statement about the very thing I was thinking about. I think this falls under the physic catagory but she will make statements about remembering things as an infant. It will be something we have never discussed before. She has been correct in what she remembers.
    I like your questions Suzianne….have a star.
    Just read Tinman’s answer….dead on the money. By the time children are 5 or 6 we adults have convinced them that what they know or see isn’t real.

  11. I do not believe in reincarnation.
    My son, however, was disgusted when he saw a picture of a younger me this week because it looked just like him. ( :
    He also looks like his grandma which further bothered him.

  12. Ummm, one relative acts much like a dastarldy deceased relative acted at this age…but i don’t believe in reincarnation, just resurrection.


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