Home Discussion Forum *Are you consciously aware of your subconscious mind?

*Are you consciously aware of your subconscious mind?

Out of curiosity, how many people out there are aware that they can become aware of their subconsciousness, and please explain in detail, your experiences.
*This is your final exam;)


  1. All the time! Think will completely lose it soon! 🙂 Here’s a quote – “All that you do, say, think, hear, see, taste, smell and feel are what the subconscious mind makes you aware of at any one time. The conscious mind is passive.”
    The site below has tips on using your subconsious mind to your advantage.

  2. Are you kidding, I can’t be alone for one little minute. “Hey, shut up.” No you shut up. “What would you do without me.” Find a little peace!

  3. It’s the knee-jerk reaction of personal fancies and phobias, but some of it is our archaic heritage. Once we know we react sharply to shapes of spiders, snakes and slimy things, and warmly towards circles, cycles and eyes, with practice we could recognise what is happening when we see them.
    Advertisers use these symbols all the time the crafty monkeys.

  4. LOL Well i know when my subconcious mind perks up… my instincts make me aware, and for years i paid close attention, its funny i can be talking to someone and be thinking something different at the same time

  5. I think that the subconscious mind stores all that has been pushed into storage by your conscious mind. My subconscious is constantly triggered by conscious stimuli and makes for quite a regular, interesting picture show inside my head – a kaleidoscope of entertaining visions based on the revelations revealed when the conscious and “subconscious” collide! Did I pass????

  6. Came across this question with the google search “aware of your subconscious.” No one has posted here in over a year. What’s my point exactly? I don’t know. Perhaps I was subconsciously hoping that someone would read my (brilliant?) thoughts on this and perhaps respond with some kind of affirmation.
    I don’t know anymore. Many times in my life I’ve become suddenly aware of things that were previously subconscious. I didn’t ask to have these experiences. Other times, it occurred during a marijuana high. They say the drug is mildly hallucinogenic and I think it affected the pathways from my subconscious to my conscious…if that makes any sense…or rather, it caused every sensation to be processed consciously.
    I became aware with a certainty of the nature of my own existence. Now I feel doubt crashing in. Now I feel out of control. My subconscious has been manipulated, and my spirit has been crushed. I feel my ego vying for attention all the time. I become ashamed of it. I second guess everything. I don’t know anymore. The extent by which I was misled have caused me to doubt my own perceptions. It is too painful. There may be inner truths, feelings and awarenesses that I am not willing to consciously admit.
    I need a rebirth. Sitting there begging myself to have an ephiphany is not doing the trick. This mental dullness is making life boring, causing me to waste my time in this mind, and crushing my ego, causing me to feel hopeless.

    • Spagetthi, even though you will probably never visit this site again, I can relate. I had the same experience during a marijuana high as well. Everything that happened to me I was aware of. I’ve been searching on the internet the past few days for anyone who might have felt the same thing. And here I am.
      Luckily I’ve kept myself sane through self-studying philosophy. Not only do I feel like a genius but it’s helped me understand what happened a bit better. It also helps that I have a ton of free time.
      I recommend you get into philosophy. For starters, I suggest the movie Waking Life

      • I have been searching for anyone at all who is like me. I have had visions and dreams that come true. I have moved objects like coffee mugs and turned record players on with just a thought. I have not gained full control over these abilities so this does not happen everyday but has happened long enough for me to know I am special. I see tiny particles that through research believe are air molecules and no one even wants to at least humor me with any ideas. I understand that this is a bit out of subject but nonetheless is completely true! I welcome all advice as long as it is genuine. This does not explain the extent of my experiences but I cannot type 20+yrs of paranormal! I just want to understand my abilities so that I can make the most of them. I have much more to discuss because much much more have I witnessed. Please take this serious because infact these events have taken place and I still haven’t any answers which just leaves me wondering.

  7. I used to play this game while walking down the side walk. I would consciously try to avoid all cracks and holes in the cement, with my feet. One day, I was talking on the phone while walking down the side walk. My conscious mind was wrapped up in deep conversation. I looked down at my feet and my subconscious mind was submerged in the game of avoiding the cracks. Although I was distracted by the phone conversation, my feet were intuitively avoiding all of the cracks in the side walk. Upon making this observation, I realized my conscious mind had become aware of what my subconscious mind was doing.
    Since this epiphany , my life has improved drastically. Some would consider it a miracle. I have developed this awareness over time and have trained my subconscious to operate as the primary system in my brain. I have realized that the subconscious is always listening. It hears, sees, smells, tastes, knows and “feels” everything. It also takes everything extremely literally. Because of this knowledge, I have been able to train my brain to project the reality that is most convenient for me at any given moment, by manipulating my environment and stimuli to deliver specific messages to my subconscious.
    The subconscious then projects the information that I have told it to be true. This creates my reality. For instance, I was homeless and destitute when I had this epiphany. I flooded my conscious mind with grandiose ideas and information. This eventually led to my climb from rags to riches, as my thoughts manifested the world that I now live in. IT IS IMPORTANT to not stimulate the subconscious with negative thoughts, as you will project a negative reality. If you have thoughts that are clearly from the ego, simply observe these thoughts, and dismiss them. Do not give them power by letting them lead to other self -destructive, negative thought patterns. Positive affirmations come in handy here. It takes time but eventually the ego will take a back seat. The ego will keep you trapped in your own hell if you are aware of your subconscious . You want to feed the subconscious with positivity as much as possible. This is only my experience of course but practicing meditation has allowed me to train my brain more effectively and understand exactly what is going on in my head. I encourage others to give it a chance. This also allows you to gain more control over the metaphysical abilities that those of us who are aware of our subconscious mind, have. You guys aren’t alone , there are many of us out there!

    • so cool! i feel that i used to be aware of my subconscious mind. but at the moment i’m trying to ‘look for it’ in a physical sense so that i can have that sensational experience of it, although i don’t know if that’s a way to access it. it seems to me that it has to have some sort of profile of existence and that i should be able to sense it or make out the outlines of it so that i can develop my awareness of it more and more. i’m not sure.

  8. Ever since a certain mind bending and life shattering trauma happened, I am in a state where i experience my subconscious mind on a very regular basis, while awake. Oftentimes its difficult to focus because I feel that my mind is floating in a moving ocean of thoughts, senses, memories, even memories of the dreams Ive had. In many ways I feel stuck in the past (reliving and remembering the trauma). And the past isn’t here… where is it? Where am I? Because I don’t really feel like I am HERE. I don’t know how to be HERE and NOW. Do I accept this ocean in my mind… the swirling deep waves of my subconscious surging through my conscious space? Will accepting this make it easier to heal?? Or do I block it out to the best of my ability, putting my foot down with myself and attempting to draw a line, a boundary between me and myself?? I wish I knew the answer. I thought I could perhaps find people that also have experienced this to help guide me to balance again.

    • Hey guys! I came across this site as I searched for any info for a problem it seems like the people here are going through and that is being too aware of the subconscious mind! I have been smoking weed since the age of 16. I am now 24. I tried quitting for good at the age of 22 but then realized I had this problem. And the only relief I found was by getting high. And till this day it’s the only relief. I haven’t found anyone that gets it or understands it. I hope someone here can help because this is really debilitating. The problem is when I don’t know what that thought was that happened on a subconscious level, I worry that I’m missing something. I am now learning that use of marijuana can lead to changing neuropathways in the brain so at this point the damage has been done and I need help. Hope someone here gets it.

      • Hey, I’ve gone through something quite similar to what you’ve explained. It looks like you’ve developed ptsd, which is an awful thing for anyone to deal with, especially people of high intelligence, which is something else I’ve picked up on from you. Those moments when you feel like you’ve missed something, that happens to everybody, not the feeling, but the missing it part. The difference is, they haven’t built themselves to focus on the missing thing. If you were to have finally understood that tiny thing that every other person has seen, it’s not like you’re being knocked off of your spot in line for living or anything, as much as it can seem like that. You, unlike most people, simply have noticed what makes you unique, and when you know how different you are from society you tend to fluxuate your daily activities and emotions between your uncertainties, until one day your uncertainties will surround you. You will feel stuck, but you aren’t. As a matter of fact, with this knowledge of how that affected you, you’re much more able minded in the enlightened world we’re trying to move towards. If you find that missing piece it’ll lead you to look for missing pieces in general, then, even though you’ll be thinking your life is mentally adventurous, you will sink into a life of mundane delusion, like a lot of people are unknowingly in right now. What you should do, or what I think you should do in reference to my experiences is to take a day out of your week and sit somewhere in your home you feel drawn to that isn’t an actual seat, and start thinking about your problems with the intent to change yourself as well as them with what you’ve learned throughout your life. These things are hard to deal with, and they don’t just stop out of the blue, one day, but you can learn how to live with what you’ve got, and I hope you get there.

      • weed changed me so much. i would get crazy high; for me weed was an extreme drug experience, the world would change on me, i would hallucinate often, everything would become wavy and i would become boundariless, i often had intense heartbeats and felt like i was going to die until i learned to breathe to slow it down and it was like i would enter this hyperspace where i would be able to think beautifully and it was like time slowed down. i often danced in this state. my thoughts became huge and my life was a synesthetic and very incommunicable ball of stuff. that’s not to mention the other end which was extreme paranoia, my life wasn’t going well at the time and my self image was wrought undone, i had all sorts of irrationalities happening, and it just was not good for my brain. it took me a long time to get rid of the boundarilessness and other things i would feel even when sober. to get to a place of reason, which study in math and science and philosophy has helped me with. i’m curious about how much weed changed my neuropathways, because it was like being in a whole other reality. i have weed to thank for me questioning things and being an intent observer, although it didn’t help my memory and my theories about things were quite idiosyncratic and half-baked. and i isolated heavily between weed and having a girlfriend with whom relating caused me much shame. idk nothing is life is for naught but i definitely relate to the whole ‘weed changed me’ thing.

      • I’m in the same boat!! But I smoked just once. Since that day— I feel like your describing. I’m looking for an answer myself.

      • Hi Gina I wasn’t sure if you meant that smoking weed was a good thing or not. I have been smoking from teens into my early adulthood. I have wondered if it has shaped my brain. I feel like I am aware of my own thought processes as well as other people’s. I don’t know if this is the way I am or if my relationship with my brain has been altered from long term use. It feels very overwhelming sometimes.


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