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Are you brave enough to ask G . Bush ….?

This question :
as you’re apparently comfortable with the fact that more than 700 young U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq (over 125 this month alone!) and thousands more have been wounded and hundreds more will doubtlessly die in the coming months, not to mention the countless thousands of innocent Iraqi/Afghan civilians who’ve been killed, all as a result of your aggro-American policy to rid the world of all those who would stand in the way of your oily corporate stratagems, does this mean you are able to laugh in the face of death and mock the vagaries of time and fate?
Are you able, in other words, to transcend the physical body and the ego and attain a superhuman spiritual mastery of the earthly form? Are you a god? Or just a petty and small-minded warmonger controlled by thin-lipped master puppeteers? Did I just answer my own question?


  1. You answered nothing.
    Don’t you see how the people in the US are against what the President is doing, don’t put us all in your stupid comments.

  2. Yes, I’m brave enough. What *thinking* American wouldn’t be brave enough to pose such a question to that twerp?
    Then again, Bush never appears with Average Citizens – far too much risk that a question like yours will get asked of him.

  3. I have no need to ask such a question when in WWII Roosevelt was sending troops out by the hundred of thousands while taking about 2000-3000 casualties almost daily. You just asked 3 questions, not one. You answered the question from a personal point, but from mine, it is not a true answer.

  4. Are you brave enough to ask the soldiers if they believe in what they are doing…My dad spent his career as a War Games teacher and the problems in the middle east have taken decades to surface and will not be erased overnight…the soldiers know that they are doing good things for humanity and they believe that they are changing the world for the better, now can we just write to our congress and get them the money they need to do a good job, because if we cut off their funding of course they will fail, and more will die than is necessary…

  5. In your world I guess the 1000 year Reich would still be in place…..
    You and your ilk make me vomit. You do not care
    about the troops or their misssion. You have a political beef & is using Answers as a soap box. More important you don’t care about The Countless of innocent lives
    that would be lost in the asbsence of our forces. You have presented a rant, not a question….

  6. I am sure glad you and the ones who think like you weren’t in charge of our military in WW11, Half of us would be saluting with a sig Heil and the other half would be shining the boots of imperialist Japanese. You can sit in front of your pc in your nice safe home and bash our president all you want after all the soldiers who believe in our way of life which includes individual rights to say what you want and the freedom of the pursuit of happiness are important enough to fight for. Weather you choose to believe it or not Islamo Fascists who use cowardly terrorist tactics have declared war on the free world. They have attacked a lot of countries and have killed thousands over the last 30 years. I hate war as much as the next person but I love freedom more. Sure glad Bush and co. believe defending our way of life is more important then a popularity contest. In ww11 people united as a country and we defeated those who would have imprisoned or killed us. Newspapers did not leak valuable information to our enemy. A political party didn’t call for surrender after things got tough. United we cannot be defeated, divided we can’t win.


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