Are you aware that the idiotic sounding Zen koan, like "What is the sound of one hand clapping", was…?

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…designed to help the student overcome the Ego? By stopping the futile attempt to come up with intelligent answers for stupid questions?

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Yes. Do I get “best answer” now? lol


I always thought it was to make the Zen master look like he was wise and all-knowing, even while BSing — kinda like David Carradine in those Yellow Book commercials. 😛

Hatir Ba Loon

Who is the illuminated master that makes the grass green?
This, like all koans, is designed to not be designed. The illusion is in the mind attempting to make order out of disorder. It is the illumination to realize that all is Mara.
Nothing is True. Everything is permitted.
Everything is True. Nothing is forbidden.
Reality is the original Rorschach.


An excellent paradigm for ‘yahoo answers’!
On the other ‘hand’ Zen is very useful when coming to grips with the seeming paradoxes involved in quantum mechanics and relativity.


The sound of one hand clapping is “cl”.


Bart Simpson answered the question by clapping his fingers against the palm of the same hand. I was aware of the koan’s purpose, to answer your question, it was not a stupid question if it enabled the mind to transcend the dualities of the ego.


I believe I can smell some Erisians around here . . . some readers of Robert Anton Wilson . . . creeping in the bushes . . .


no …. wasn’t aware of this thanks for sharing


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