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Are you aware of "the path with no obstacles"?

I say let the sinners rejoice in their sin if that is what they chose, but for myself I will follow the path of wisdom bliss union.
“On the direct path of conscious awareness – The Path With No Obstacles – sexual union naturally also means the union of the continuing practice and its realization. This is what the west has come to refer to as Tantric love. (Ultimately, tantra means more than embracing your physicality: all action, thought, and realization becomes spiritual liberation itself.) The high art of making True Love is mystical and miraculous beyond comprehension. It inundates your entire being. It delivers you – body and soul – to unimagined heights of ecstasy. The discovery of the key to the union of spirituality and sexuality is at once a path to, and a gift of Enlightenment.”


  1. All false religions have sexual sins in them, except for Christianity which says do not commit adultery, fornicate or be homosexual. The old wicked and evil queen of heaven had sexual acts throughout her temples.

  2. you know this is a site for asking and answering questions not for crackpots to post their stupid and usually creepy beliefs that make less sence than the theory of bunnies being evil overlords of thousands of planets who have come to our planet to conquer it and make us eternal slaves (its totaly possible)…. so yeah if you think mentally sane ppl will believe that then we might as well start bowing down to fluffulon the VII

  3. While orgasms are cool, how does that lead to enlightenment…? While you may learn more ways to screw and enjoy through experience… how does the earth benefit if you are not well rooted?

  4. Yes, there are many different traditions of devotional and ecstatic mysticism. A lot, but by no means all, come from India. Speaking of Siva, by A K Ramanujan, is a good example of 10th century love poetry that comes from such a tradition.
    Tantric practices are one way of gaining liberation – that is, seeing beyond the delusions of life where you believe you are an individual separated from others. The problem of Tantra, however, is that you may get distracted by the sex and its pleasures, and so fail to see that it is one of the delusions you have to overcome. It is easier to simply have the sex and then get down to some serious meditation!
    In terms of being a path with no obstacles, there are 2 obstacles with Tantra. One is not getting distracted, and the other is achieving the right state of mind. There are easier paths, but if you wish to pursue it I would recommend Francis King’s book, “Tantra; The Way of Action”


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