Are you an INTUITIVE or INSIGHTFUL person, then you don't wanna miss this, answer for 10 points please ?

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Hello world. As I said earlier. If you do not like the questions I ask.
Then DON’T ANSWER IT !!!!!! Thank you. Now where was I. I am
having a great week so far. My ex girlfriend is suffering from emotional
trauma. And I have been trying to get her to pay more attention to
her spiritual side. I feel like she is angry at God, for a lot of the things
that has happened to her, and recently. As some of you may know,
she just got out of a relationship with an abusive man. And she is
now being reclusive and to her self, mostly. A little bit on the defensive
towards me, but she is talking. I want to help her through this crisis,
and only be a friend to her. What do you think she is feeling right
now about her life, after being out of this horrific situation ? And is
she gaining back her spirituality, along with her strength ?
She is talking to me, and is open to us
being friends again. But she is not saying a lot about what happened
between her and the guy. She does have her own place, and I think she got
an order of protection from him. But she
seems a bit nervous. What do you think…….

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Hey! Crack that whip

Fuck, that was just a waste of time.


Can’t you just once offer 10 points to the obtuse and pedantic? I always get left out.


my intuition is for me….ASk her what she feels….oh dear abuse can mess her up unless shes a Pisces…we dont give up…
Shes your EX….just caught that so why dont you just tell her to speak with her minister…

Deadly Kitteh [Atheati Snypur]

This is funny because I assume you were the abusive ex-boyfriend?

Blue Ball o Doom [Blue Atheati]

I say just let her be for a couple of days, and then try to bring the subject back up GRADUALLY. If she just came out fo an abusive relationship, she must be wondering on why God would create people like that, and why would He let them live on. As for what shes feeling, she would be wondering if it was her fault, WHICH IT IS NOT. You must comfort her over the next few days and make sure she knows someone loves her. Once she recognizes someone loves her, she should open up and start to heal.


I think you need to look at your own motivations. You seem to be carrying a torch.


I can’t tell you what another person is thinking or going through, but the best advice I can offer is to pray with and for her, and continue to be there for her.


You. Need. Help.


Ive joined sockman in temporary xtianity for socks


I’m pretty sure your pressuring her to walk the religious road isn’t helping her any. I hate people throwing god in my face and she may not like it as well. I know your trying to help and be a good friend but just be there for her and let her find her own way and stop trying to influence her religious beliefs. Continuing to do so may push her away from you. She needs a friend not a daddy or a preacher.


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