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Are you an INSIGTFUL or INTUITIVE person, then see if you can answer this for 10 easy points ?

Hello world. So what is going on ? What is in store for me
in the latter part of 2008. Um let’s see. Changes. Talk about
changes. Number 1. I am about to become an uncle, my
sibling’s girlfriend is having a baby. My little niece. Number 2.
My new job is giving me a raise. Number 3. I am about to
embark on something major, that will change the way I see
life forever. A spiritual awakening, and a good one, too.
I feel like my intuition is getting stronger. This will put me back
into the frame of mind I was in back in the year 2000. Much
more reserved, settle, sound, solid, and refined….. What
happened then. I wrote a book. And in that book, are some
excerpts of what is happening now in my life. What do you
think ? Am I on the right path ?
Smile Wild. You must love me. Because you keep answering my questions. And you like to be seen.
Do you really look like that picture, or
are you even close ? The world is
Hey Smile Wild. If you want to talk to me in private, then email me. Thanks.


  1. Destiny is inescapeable. Whatever you wind up doing in the end is what you were meant to do. The same can be said with your state of mind. There are seasons in our life and like the seasons our state of mind changes as we grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally. The fact that you ask if you are on the right path means that you are. You are concious of the fact that your life can take different directions and additionally you have control over what direction it takes. Good Journey.

  2. Uh, this is Religion and Spirituality [whatever the hell that is], and not the Psychic Hotline.
    But don’t you fret, lassie. I happen to be one of the UK’s most celebrated psychics and will be happy to peer into the mist and gloom of the future to reveal your quantum probability paths.
    Let’s get right at it. Yes, the future is coming through clear as crystal…
    In the later part of 2008 you will be aghast that you will have gained an extra 10 lbs from eating too many McDonald’s Hamburgers. As a future Uncle, you don’t want to set a bad example for your nephew [yes it’ll be a boy not a girl, or rather a boy in a girls’ body], so you will join Gold’s Gym. You will be fired from your current job but a new job will open at Gold’s Gym as a janitor which will pay exactly 1.25$ more than your current job.
    There you will have a spiritual awakening when the hottest chick in the gym, with a body to kill for has a wardrobe malfunction and her jugglies pop out.
    This will be the start of something really really great [unless you happen to be gay, then it’ll really suck] and will put you in the high spirits you had back in 2000 when you heard Al Gore won the election, only to have the spirits dashed 10 minutes later finding out some electoral snafu had occurred and Bush won it.
    But don’t worry, the female [Olga, a former resident of the Soviet Union and weight lifting champion of the USSR back in 1988] will not turn out half as bad as George Bush.
    Yes, thanks to her mastery of the sensual massage and teaching you the KBG fighting arts, you will be more confident, poised, collected and sexually satisfied than ever before.
    You did write a book back in 2000 which actually hinted at things going on now and in the near future. What is really odd is this book will not get published in the USA, but will find a publisher in Russia under the new title “Olga’s New Slave” and become a porno best-seller.
    Thank you.
    Your bill 294.34 $

  3. Remind me to avoid all your “questions” from now on. I don’t want to hear about your boring, meaningless life, thanks.
    edit: eh. you’re growing on me. you’re right, i do like to be seen. and about my avatar, wouldn’t you like to know?

  4. I took the liberty of doing a RUNE reading for you. RUNES are small stone tablets with ancient scribblings on them. I draw 3 runes, past, present, future, similar to Tarot. I use runes ONLY as a vehicle. My accuracy rate has been tested and varies 75 to 95%.
    Here goes:
    1st rune…Past…Nyd, the rune of mischief…your past has been misguided at best, downright dishonest at worst. You lied to YOURSELF at some point, and THAT issue is what has caused ALL of the problems you are now recovering from. This rune indicates that you were LED astray by someone else. You are now steering your own ship again.
    2nd rune…present…Inguz, the rune of completion and fertility….Your preparation is complete!!…It is now time to take those unique ideas of yours and carry them toward the goal that you have a blurry glimpse of!!…Refine your thinking…success is YOURS
    3rd rune….future…Fehu, the rune of cattle, drawn reversed. This is the rune of fluid wealth, and has been drawn reversed, indicating a period of financial LOSS, or hardship. Luckily the preceding rune buffers this somewhat. Your new path will be SUFFIENT financially, but will NOT give you the gold, jewels and lifestyle you crave…Not YET anyway

  5. I took the liberty of slaughtering a goat and sniffing it’s bloody, compacted bowels for you – here’s what the aroma told me (I tell you, you’re missing out – it was such a perfume!):
    “A good garden’s got a good gardener and takes effort and growth from both.”
    (wow, sniffing goat shit really DOES work!)
    Everybody’s got a good book in them…
    Writing is a really good way of organising your thoughts and discovering things about yourself that you perhaps didn’t realise when you were bashing the keys or scribbling away…
    It’s a good way of seeing how you were and what you were like – if you preferred that person, you have the option of learning about them from the best possible source.
    If not, you have learned from them…
    Always carry a notepad or, if you have one, a dictaphone with you so that you can make the notes as soon as they surface in your mind.
    As for what’s in store for you in the next year – that’s entirely up to you, but I think that point 3 will be a major factor in who you become.
    I’m glad you’ve chosen to do it.
    There’ll be a lot more than 3 points in that, I can assure you – somewhere around 12 in my experience…
    I have a Godson and, as I don’t have anything to do with my sister (her being a spiteful, malicious biatch – I don’t mind her being a hooker, but she could be just a little less selfish in her views) and she’s sterile because of her profession, I will never be an uncle – you are priviledged!
    Having contact with children that aren’t yours but are still very close is always a good thing if you ever decide you want some of your own.
    And you can never say never (except then).
    I missed out on my cousin’s and Godson’s earlier years because I was in a punk band and absorbed into that world – a little too intimidating sometimes for young kids.
    Except for when I was treated like a parrot.
    Getting a raise should be helpful to fund giving your neice the best start in life and also help you on your journey towards self discovery. It’ll be nice to be able to treat yourself to that thing you’ve been wanting for ages too.
    (Metal Gear Solid 4 is awesome… As is the new Burnout game – Cars, guns and hot chicks… what more could a guy ask for :))
    Keep on writing, I say – not just biography too. I write hard sci-fi and it keeps me amused. Means I have to keep myself at the cutting edge of literary, scientific and psychological studies too.
    Unconditional love for all, no matter whom, no matter what happens – people always deserve another chance.
    It’s just up to them when they get it…
    As for my Avatar – I have a Cavalier type beard… People always come up to me saying “Where’s the Black Pearl parked, mate?” or “Alright Jack Sparrow” like they’re the first person to say it.
    I feel like headbutting them sometimes, but i’ve just taken it as a personal joke – all my friends do it now.
    It’s a good way to get people talking…
    I really hope you keep this attitude, Mr Dove. Try to always remember what this feels like (write it down!), because on any journey of Spiritual Awakening, you are going to have your belief in yourself tested time and time again.
    You can always rely on someone to give you a boost when you need it though.
    Even if it’s not me.
    Who’s the *real* psychic..?
    The talker or the listener and watcher?
    How to make friends and influence people, eh?


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