Are You An Energy Worker?

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Energy Workers focus on or work with the myriad of frequencies that originate beyond the veil.

They allow their bodies to be the conduits or vehicles for the energies from ‘other’ dimensions. These energies exist in the realms of our extra-sensory perception. They come from beyond the third dimension.

What exactly does that mean? What does it look like to be an Energy Worker?

To explain, join me on a recent trip to France.

It was market day, my favorite day of the week. I love wandering leisurely amongst the stalls, breathing in the smells of the marketplace, the heady aroma of freshly baked bread, and the scent of the freshly cut flowers. I was enjoying the range of colors in the vegetable market, the array of fish at the fish mongers — the color, movement, sounds and smells of the eager, hungry shoppers. I love buying my still warm rotisserie chicken and fresh veggies and going home for lunch on the back terrace, overlooking fields of sunflowers. What could be better?

But that was only a small part of what I was doing in the marketplace that morning…

What you just read is a three dimensional description of what took place. Beyond, beneath in and around those activities were the unseen energies of the subtle realms, where the energetic cleansing, clearing and harmonizing efforts of the Energy Worker occurred.

Every person with whom I interacted, came to the market with a clear or not so clear energy field. The vibrations moving through them for many different reasons created the overall quality of the energies they carried. My job was to allow the other dimensional energies to pulse out from my body in such a steady harmonious way that the chaotic or unharmonious vibrations around me, synchronized to my beat, to my vibration, and created a calmer, clearer field around us both. I think of myself as a ‘cosmic vaccuum clearner’.

Go ahead and laugh — but that is really a very apt description. The now cleansed, more balanced field enables the optimum that can occur in that field to actually unfold. Folks feel better — calmer- less anxious, though they may have no conscious understanding of why. No, I don’t impose my goals on the field; I only hold the intention that the most appropriate goals for the most people occur in that time and at that place. Et voila…one of the many jobs of the Energy Worker. Oh yes, there are many more………but that’s for another article.

About the Author

Elaine Seiler is a Writer, Facilitator, and Coach, specializing in the field of Energetics. She is a conduit for other dimensional energies, thereby catalyzing transformation, evolution, and the awakening of multi-dimensionality. Visit her website at

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Michelle Heath

I have been told that I have cleaning energy and alot of it. Sometimes people tell me that I make them feel better just by being around them. I have been attacked by a intentional enrergy vampire who I thought was my friend. I am very strong but even I was sucked in. I am cutting the energy cord more and more everyday! I am new to all this but it makes perfect sense from my childhood.

Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated. My Aura is white/ Amethyst . And if I am upset or depressed it can be bright green around my body. I would love to help people and realize that I need to be able to manage my energy better as I am an empath. I can take on the world and then I have to clean my self.


so to regenerate energy try being alone, to lose more energy to be less detectable try becoming a loudspeaker or a gamer who talks to a lot of people, my glow is half gold and half dark blue, one half seems to be a reflecton of humanity which is the dark blue. The otherside has a gaint wing and glows a bright gold, I cannot tell anyone what that half of me is from, although controlling energy cannot course me an issue but I think you could either limit your time alone or in society to control your big tasty aura xD


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