Home Discussion Forum Are you able to appreciate the essence of other faiths and religions?

Are you able to appreciate the essence of other faiths and religions?

For some of my friends this fellow’s talk may be of interest. Keep an open mind. The fellow speaking is the founder of “Hard Rock Cafe” and is a devotee of a saint named Sathya Sai Baba. I did visit Sai Baba’s ashram for one month 16 years ago, on my first visit to India. Even though I have my own path to follow, I can well appreciate that people of different faiths and paths may climb to the same mountain peak of spiritual awakening.
Personally, I attempt to penetrate to the essence of each religious teaching….and try not to get caught up in the differences. My personal experience is that the Source or Creator is present within each moment….that nothing is separate from Source. That Source is the Universal Creative power within and behind every atom and every energy particle in existence. Certain human beings have become conscious of That, all-pervading, Cosmic, Source of life….down through the Ages. Religions are invented by man in order to keep vibrant the teachings of such enlightened Masters. Some individuals get beyond the religious dogma and actually come to experience their oneness with Source/Creator. That is a blessing.
This man tells us some of his story using his relationship to his Master.


  1. I recognize that people have other faiths and beliefs. I will respect the position of the leaders in that belief; however, I choose to submit to God’s way of life.

  2. No I can not appreciate the essence of other religions. they are false, and will send those, on those paths to hell. Interesting how close they seem to the truth. But they are false lights. Jesus is the only way, truth and light.

  3. No. Religions demand respect, but offer none. Why I should I bend over backwards for the religious? What makes them so special and deserving of privilege and admiration?


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