Are you a tree hugger?

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Celebrate Life
Peace and Love
A beautiful play on words!!

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I’m more of a tree humper.

Acid Zebra, Ask an a-the-ist.

I do, but generally not by holding bark.


I’m more of a spiritual lumberJack

God is good

no but your picture is telling me different about you

St. Alia Resurrected....Again

Affirmative. Both literally and figuratively.


yes i am 😀 tis grounding 😀 and where is the harm?? 😀
Peace out 🙂

Queen of Wands

I have been accused of it…


DEFinitely…in 89 Hugo hit us and I lost 14 trees in my yard…all have been replaced and my new ones are gorgeous!!


(((((((Trees are nice, but people are nicer, softer, and they hug back!))))))))


yep! 😀


I live in wyoming, no trees this part. I guess I’m a tumbleweed hugger??
I guess I will have to run faster to catch them as they run across the highway tho.

D.R cocksause

no trees give me splinters

joe l



Yep 🙂 I talk to them too…

Linda J

It’s alright to be a tree hugger, but not a cactus hugger. OUCH!

Mary Jane

Since I was 1
(they have less issues than people)

Amanda (:

I didn’t used to be but I surely have become one over the last few months and I am quite proud (:

theo the cod

i am a tree hugger and climber, much to the embarrassment of my children.


There are two kinds of tree huggers. (1) People who love nature. (2) People who fear launching out on their own and taking charge of their lives. I love nature but prefer to visit it than live in it. (I’m a city boy!); I am always trying new adventures and new ways to make money.
So I might give a tree an affectionate fondle now and again, but I can’t say I’m either kind of hugger.

Tree Croaker

Yes, in fact I am going to hug some down to the ground this week, I call it Timberrrrr.


Ooooooooooooooh yes…from waaaaaaaaaay back…try it, you’ll like it…it heals all wounds, lifts spirits, tickles your fancy, “leaves” you filled with love, grounds you, connects you to the circle of life, opens your heart, silences your mind, etc. It’s the cure-all, no matter your ailment. Branch out and find the poetry of the forest.
i am Sirius


Not far from where we live is the oldest olive tree in europe (or so the sign claims).
For an olive tree it’s pretty big and fat. We always take visiting friends there and make a circle around it holding hands and cuddling it. It is such a generous tree because it still produces so much olive oil and at the same time it clears your head when you hug it. Also it shades us when the summer sun sizzles.


Not to an extreme level. I do believe in respect for all life. This includes trees.


I had a fruity orchard at the bottom of my garden, but a Gardner advised they were diseased so I had them felled.
The garden is barren and the neighbours bemoan the loss of the pearnd cherry tree and the ovely pies they cookjed and enjoyed from the fruit picked from them.
Trees tend to be covered in ants. I dont hug trees.
Could you forgive me. I am a vile wretch.


If you give the tree a bit of space, maybe start just beyond the canopy, and move slowly forward, you’ll feel a kind of ‘edge’. That is the energy field of the tree. If you spread your arms at THAT point, you can swop energy with the tree, enjoy its healing power and sesne its nature.
From there, different trees have different ‘feels’. An oak, for example is very warm and welcoming, it draws you in. The yew tree is cold and pushes you away.
Try it sometime.
Just walking up and hugging them doesn’t hack it for me.


Yes. I have always been a tree hugger.
In my early life, when I was struggling and had unsurmountable problems, I used to go deep into the forest on my cycle, hug a tree at some solitary location and tell it all aspects of my sorrows and mental agony. Then I would sit under that tree for an hour or so.Sometimes I could think of a way to come out of problems and many times there were no solutions.Anyway, I felt a lot of peace in my mind after telling my woes to the tree.
I was advised by a learned man to do so to cope up with mental worries. I never told my friends about my confiding my problems to some tree lest I become a laughing stock.


yes. once on earth day i just breathed on a tree. they take in co2 and i get O back =].


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