Are you a soul illuminator, a program exterminator, a energy aviator and a perfecting the craft navigator?





What were some of your main obstacles and insights?


  1. : – )
    It is my purpose to light the spirit of any who is willing….and a bonfire for the special…..I have not burned the books yet….but I have eliminated them….I can fly high on Energy…..but I am not sure I have my wings yet…..Craft Navigation….I look within and think….”There is no Place like Home…there is no Place like Home”….but sometimes, it is a long journey there…..

  2. No. However I am the Fire Warden where I work. Does that get me any brownie points? My main obstacle is that no one will ever do a fire drill with me, so I end up at the evacuation point all alone.
    My insights include knowing that I am the only one in the place who has any idea where all the fire exits are. They’d better not try blaming me when they get singed.

  3. I was the Blackboard monitor in school, is that close?
    My main insight was that chalk dust makes your hands dry, my main obstacle was people throwing things at me for sucking up to the teacher.

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