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Are you a recovering pharisee?

Pharisee in Hebrew means “separated”, one who is separated from a life of purity.
In one of Jesus’s first sermons He stated, “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matthew 5:3.) What Jesus was saying is, “happy are those who are spiritually bankrupt.” Do you acknowledge your spiritual need? The depravity of your spiritual condition? The Pharisees in Jesus’s time could not admit their spiritual need. They had everyone fooled except Christ. As a result they were unable to experience transformation. Only those who saw their spiritual need, verbalized it, and invited Christs transformation, are the ones who can experience it. So can you admit that you don’t measure up and are in need of a spiritual awakening?
Brittney: I am posting this not to save anybody but to see who will admit they are “spiritually bankrupt”. Just like asking if someone is a recovering alcoholic..no need to get all defensive for this is not an offensive question.
By the way Brittany you are making Christians look bad by sitting there criticizing me about the question I posted..when in no way am I making anybody look bad this is a serious question and I expected a serious answer….


  1. what are you trying to do by asking this question? start a riot or just ruffle some feathers? do you think by posting this, you may save someone? I am a follower of Christ, and He never ONCE talked down to someone. So dont even try it.
    You are making my God look bad.
    knock it off

  2. I don’t measure up. My heart is full of hate and fear. I’m lazy and I only love for my own gratification. I dislike God, I can’t understand Jesus, more than half the time I find myself wishing I wasn’t a Christian at all. I never go to confession, and I never pray.
    The only thing I try not to do is criticize other people. And even then, I usually fail.
    I’m not inviting Jesus into my life. I’ve tried the opening door, and it’s stuck. I can’t get beyond the step of realizing how bad I am.

  3. I do believe!! As far as if I am “spiritually bankrupt”, I will leave that up to my savior. I do not know anyone who can claim that they have just given up. Underneath it all we do have hope and there is something we all look for in life and of course the afterlife.
    I may not always measure up according to what the “church” has set upon me, but I know in my own heart that there is a place for me in his kingdom.
    I only hope you get positive responses from this question!
    Good day,

  4. A Pharisee is one who has a mindset where they project things outwardly in ritual and tradition, i.e. subject spiritual esoteric things to carnality in seeking to be approved through their literalism and carnal understanding. They are one who is not inward but outward, God is in Secret, within us, our Higher Soul Self is within us. They invoked spiritual death because they never did the inner work, but rather they made spiritual things into rituals and by doing so they never brought about the objective of these spiritual concepts and principles within themselves towards transformation. Thus Pauls words, “the Letter killeth but the spirit giveth life…”
    By not applying the key of knowledge, which is to turn the scriptures within yourself they actually took themselves further away from the ideal, since they weren’t becoming the embodiment of change within, but served the God of their own conscience whereby they could be complacent towards actual growth by doing a sacrifice or etc. They apply animal sacrifice outwardly, when what was asked for was that we sacrifice our lower animal natures.
    “How terrible it will be for you experts in religious law! For you hide the key to knowledge from the people. You don’t enter the Kingdom yourselves, and you prevent others from entering” (Luke 11:52).
    “Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature” (Col 3:5 NIV)
    So you see most Christians in this world, most Muslims, most Jews are Pharisaic in mindset actually.


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