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Are you a Psychic or Medium?

I’m shopping around for a medium but am very skeptical. Can you tell me anything about my situation or who I am trying to contact just by reading this message?
Thanks Ron. 🙂 My husband is a big James Randi fan (my husband also happens to be a magician and a die hard skeptic) and always reminds me of that bet. However, I have had my own ‘psychic’ experiences in the form of dreams that came true–so I do believe that psychic power is a real thing–I just don’t believe that 90% of ‘psychics’ out there aren’t just trying to bilk people. I’m hoping to find someone in that 10% with true abilities. Knowing that I’ve had my own clairvoyant dreams gives me hope that there is someone out there who has actually honed that ability and can answer some questions for me.


  1. You are right to be skeptical, you may get general answers like ‘you are having trouble with a relationship, it’s time for you to make a decision’ if you get enough of these, by chance alone one will be right, will you then believe?
    James Randi and Houdini before him have spent nearly a hundred years between them looking for a genuine psychic/medium all over the world, JR even offers $1,000,000 to anyone who can prove they have such a ‘power’ under mutually agreed conditions, you would think that just one person in the world would be able to do this, so you are right to be skeptical, it’s nonsense!
    EDIT: I have no problem at all with your ideals or hopes JA, Houdini never gave up hope of one day finding a genuine psychic so he could talk to his dead mother, interestingly he told his wife before he died that when he was gone, she would probably be inundated with calls from psychics saying that they had met him on the ‘other side’ and that he was very happy there and that he, (Houdini) was extremely sorry for the things that he had done to them while he was alive and that he was completely wrong about the afterlife, he also gave her a code word that any psychic (without prompting) would give her so that she would know that any messages were genuinely from him.
    After his death, as Houdini had predicted she was inundated with such messages, NOT ONE PSYCHIC gave her Houdini’s code word.
    Randi himself has said that one day he genuinely hopes to find out that he’s wrong (it’s not his money after all), but after 60 years of looking and at the age of 82, he can’t have much time left.
    I did meet him in London many years ago during one of his lecture tours, it was soon after he had written the book exposing Uri Geller as a fake, after his lecture he stayed behind and chatted with some of us who were buying one of his books which he was autographing, I asked him about the spoon bending, he took a spoon out of the foyer drawer and did a ‘Uri’ on it, I was standing two feet in front of him and it looked 100% genuine, he said “Ron, it’s just a simple conjuring trick”, I still have the broken spoon as am memento of that ‘magic’ moment.
    EDIT2: Regarding the challenge ‘PhenomInvestigator’, having been a JR fan since the late 70s, having bought all his books, joined CSICOP and the JREF forum, having seen the extent to which he goes to rule out any cheating and/or poor protocols and lastly having met him, I for one would certainly take his word for it, especially as he is not the sole judge of the outcome but a whole group of people with no financial or other interest in that outcome.
    I am neither aggressive or biased, like JR himself has said on numerous occasions I would love to see a psychic win his challenge, but knowing the laws of probability it’s just that I doubt it will happen, doubting is not the same as being biased.

  2. Most psychics and medium that are true to what they do, don’t do it for money. They do it to help a person in need. I’m a scryer and Remote viewer, but yet my abilities arent accurate 100% of the time. I don’t think there’s anyone out there that can genuinely say that they can tell you what will happen 100% of the time. Same thing goes for reading thoughts, and contacting the spirits of the damned, or anything else that might be applied. You won’t find anyone that is for real about what they do less you yourself do it for you. Under any kind of circumstance, when a “gifted” person with psychic abilities is presented with scientific data involving thier abilities, they are placed under pressure, and for-go thier powers. Its like stage fright. They just can’t do it all the time until they train and practice with such implements put into place and are tested thoroughly day in and day out until they feel like its home to them to use thier abilities like that. But like I said earlier, there isn’t a person in the world that is able to use psychic abilities 100% of the time. It’s an improbable thing as of today’s date. Maybe in the future, people can use more of the natural gifts selected my God to give man for assistance in life.

  3. The question has to do with whether someone can tell anything from a written message. While such people likely exist, it is less probable that one of them will actually see this message and respond.
    To the point about the Randi Challenge. Consider who would change their beliefs if by some odd chance someone were to win the challenge. Would skeptics and cynics suddenly admit that someone had actually demonstrated an unsual ability? Or would it be more likely that they would band together proclaiming how unfortunate it was that Randi or his organization had been swindled out of their money? Given the aggressive tactics of the so-called “skeptics” and their clearly biased perspective, the latter scenario seems more likely. It’s really a ‘who cares?’ scenario.
    If you are truly seeking advice as to how to find someone who is talented, you could contact a research medium that works with parapsychologists to study mediumship. They may or may not charge for their services. That is not a test of a medium. Watch out for people who want to sell you something beyond their time. Or for people who say they need to see you many times because of something that is purportedly going on with you. Or that only they can help you with. These are all sure signs of charlatans. I would also generally avoid online psychics on general principle.


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