Home Discussion Forum are you a psychic or have you had premonitions?

are you a psychic or have you had premonitions?

I do believe in paranormal stuff but I’m a little sceptical about the whole psychic thing! But this is what happened and my mom thinks it is premonitions, I think it is coincidence! I had a dream about a fire and my dad came home that day and said that one of the old antique million dollar homes in town had burn down. Then I had a dream about the space shuttle exploding (I thought is was about the challenger) so I was asking my mom a lot of questions about it and then we watched Columbia and we were like whoa!! I still say coincidence. Well my boss hasn’t been feeling well and he is really stressed out and the night before last I had a dream that he had a heart attack! And when I came in yesterday a co-worker said that he had suffered from a mild heart attack! Is this a gift or coincidence? And if it is a gift how can I get a handle on it! Or am I just a loony? If you have these abilities could you please help me with a little more info about what I am experiencing! Thanks!


  1. I am not a psychic, but I do believe we all have some form of ESP. It just depends on whether or not we are perceptive enough to use it when information streams in that we don’t know where it came from.

  2. Well! First I would like to congratulate u that u hav got an exceptional gift. The incidents that had happened into ur life are mere no coincidences. Even with me such things happens but they tell me only about myself. But u r far ahead. You can see what will happen miles farther than u. You should not get nervous about this. First just check that each and every incident u see exactly happens or not. If not then don’t bother about it. And keep information about this power limited upto ur parents and ur best friends. Because if some how such incidents don’t show up then u may become a laughing stock. But if most of such incidents or almost all such incidents do take place then be careful of urself. Tell each and every thought of urs to ur parents and ur best friends. Discuss with them that if u can probably avoid any carnage. I don’t suggest u that u should call police. Bcoz if it won’t happen then they won’t pay u attention next time.

  3. There are NO coincidences. There are also quite a few folks out and around that have prophetic dreams. It is a natural talent, just like music in some, that comes from more development/use of your right brain lobe.
    How to handle it? That’s a bit more difficult. You can’t compare your talents to others. Just compare them to past occurances you’d had and weigh them from there. I wouldn’t advise you to tell others what you suspect is coming but you learn by experience at it occurs more.


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