Home Discussion Forum Are you a natural witch if you can see auras naturally?

Are you a natural witch if you can see auras naturally?


  1. No you are not a witch. Seeing auras sounds interesting but it does not make you a witch, it makes you someone who can see auras.
    Seeing of auras is usually found in people under terrible stress and not as a gift. Since you are able to see this you should try and correlate what you see with what you can lean about the person you are observing. If your observation is useful in some way it is a blessing. Also get an eye exam just in case you are seeing an optical effect.

  2. No. Seeing auras doesn’t have anything to do with what spiritual path you follow. It might, however, indicate that because you are gifted, you may find the more open-minded religions more satisfying.

  3. If you can see auras naturally, then you have been blessed with a gift, and charged with a responsibility to use it well. It doesn’t make you a witch, witches have other beliefs besides beliefs in the psychic world. Modern day Pagans have developed a theology and belief system that is uniquely thier own. If you are Christian who sees auras, then you are a Christian who sees auras. If you are a Buddhist who sees auras, same thing. If you have a certain set of beliefs that lines up with Pagan beliefs, then you are a pagan who can see auras, and even then, not necessarily a witch, just because you are pagan, and can see auras, there is much more involved in that. Do take the time to study and learn about your gifts, from whatever source you feel the most comfortable learning from. As we evolve on this plane, we are allowed to receive certain gifts. Each gift contains a lesson of some sort, and when you have learned the lesson involved, then you will receive another gift, with an even more involved lesson. Even figuring out that you have aquired a gift, and what the gift is contains a lesson. This is just my own opinion, based on the gifts that I have been allowed to receive over the years, as each gift is explored, and each lesson learned, the next gift is given, as a sort of initiation to a new level of awareness. Do not feel pressured to try and figure out what the lesson is, that is contained in this gift. It is not just about learning the gift, there may also be other lessons involved, and the purpose is to prepare you, and make you ready to proceed to the next gift. You will know what it is when you know what it is, it could be tomorrow, or 20 years from now, all in due time, and when you are supposed to.
    Edit: By the way, you do have a choice about it. The gifts are not intended to be thrust upon you, and you may turn them down if you want. But they are intended for your spiritual and emotional development, and such would be hindered in the process.

  4. Having a natural gift, does not make you a witch. Many times such gifts are passed down through your blood line as it is mine. I am descended from gypsies, and other pagan shamans.

  5. I would say if you really can see them, observing details that represent a person’s characteristics, then you have a pretty good chance of being one. Practice it often, record your dreams, and strengthen your subconcious abilities. It takes ten years to be even close to good at anything, even for a lot of prodigies in the world. After you master your craft, I want you to go into politics, and become a master policy negotiator, simply because you can see into people’s souls. That will definitely make you a Witch.

  6. Sorry dear, it doesn’t mean you are a witch. It only makes you a special person that has the sense of seeing the aura. But do you what kinds of aura there are? That you can distinguish from evil or good? Then maybe that is your gift, do you have an ancestor of a sort that is a priest or priestess? then that maybe how you got the gift. Or a person in your family tree has the ability to see these auras. Like me I sense the aura I don’t see it and I can distinguish them from evil and good.

  7. if you can see auras that is a basic sign of being a natural witch. That healing, premonoition, and empathy are the most basic. If u can see auras you are something special

  8. Seeing auras has nothing to do with being a witch. Some people have the gift of reading auras and some don’t, witch or not.

  9. I dont think it has anything to do with beimg a witch unless you are practicing to be a witch. I also see feel and sense auras naturally along with feeling other peoples pain and emotion which let me tell you right now , this ability is very very distracting at first. My advice would be to make sure you ground yourself every day


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