Are you a Divine messenger or a Divine expression Of Cosmic Consciousness or both?

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Whats your Divine message? Is your message to others that they are a Divine expression of Cosmic Consciousness also? How could someone that isn’t a Divine expression carry a Divine Message, wouldn’t that be an impossibility?
Ethan: I feel Atheist would be a good pseudo-title for you. ; )
Bootz: LOL!!!

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Divine expression of the Cosmos, like everything else lol


[insert additional pseudo-title here]


In this Moment?
I am a Playful Spirit…
((consciously aware…(hic)…I think))!

The Serious Joker

Everyone has a “message” I guess. And at the same time they are an expression. Perhaps you are referring to sex? In that way one can be both.


If there is a Divine message, it would be to be at peace with yourself and your neighbor. As far as the messenger goes, there have been many who preached peace among peoples. but no one seems to listen.

Mystic om Shiva om

you know, even answering this question would give credit to the ego


I feel more like a Divine Passenger…looking for messages! Honestly I do!
Don’t think I’m being egoist by claiming to be ‘Divine’…because I do believe that spark is present in us all…

cumpassionate chameleon

I’m a divine ego, thank you very much!
Seriously though… the impossibility would be to try and find any thing that is not a divine expression! I should know, i’ve looked! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Now, back to my divine ego…
My message is… Me me me! Ok ok, and you too! (ugghhh, and you… and you… and you… jeez this list is getting long!)


I accept that I am only myself – a human being trusting that divine as in;
godlike, hallowed, ordained, revered, venerated, anointed, sanctified, sacred – is nothing I have illusions about participating within.
The Divine to me is something I’d like NOT the responsibility or the presumption I’d possess. Rather helps keeps my head from increasing, if I wore a hat – ten-fold in inches INCREASED in circumference. I’d not be able to go through a standard sized door then…would I?
I just try to be the best I can be when representing humanity…that is all, I feel I can probably do…in light of being aware of my flaws. And the supposed “human condition” under which we all so often take less responsible refuge, into. I’m hardly exception to this.

Witchy Mel

You already answered for me. I am both and my message is to show others they are too. ๐Ÿ™‚
This was too easy!

Angel SA

We are all part of the universe and some way or the other we are connected. I’m an Aquarius, who knows.
But I do consider myself a Divine message because I live with the Spirit.

An Nony Mous

In all love,
As a matter of perspective, within a certain paradigm all that is experienced is from a Divine messenger and a Divine expression of Cosmic Consciousness. It matters not the form it takes.
To hold this truth within and as a companion to the cognate of the oneness of God and the denial of the self as separate, is a beautiful key to a door the seeker wishes to open.
The message is the most ancient of messages. It is not new or is it the exclusive domain of a particular religion. The message is not ours except it is realized. It exist not as words or logic but in the realm of realization or knowing.
Blessings and peace,
All in all,


Both. Most people are blinded to these ideas by religion.


There is a candy called Divinity….Even though I know that I am Divine….that Candy is too sweet for me….too rich….I think that I am something more common and less refined….less Divine….for I have surely not yet Arrived….but I am on the Journey…..I have some of the puzzle pieces…..Love, Wisdom, Healing, Fire, Honor, Truth, Courage, Humor, Fealty, Touching and Connecting with Others…
I am working very industriously to let the Goddess come from within…..and also to unite and snuggle up with the God….and in all of that, the Divinity will grow…..and you will see….I will ooze milk and honey and richness beyond anything I have know before….as this Journey is ever going to higher levels and always towards the Source……I think I’ll take a little break now and go have a beer with my buddy Bluebootz…


Yes. I am as I Will to be…now how’s this little catchy dance….hahaha! See love is here, expressed even in this … not an impossiblity at all…in fact it’s a breeze!
Now i would say…this little song dances with a Divine message! Opens the eyes of my heart and expresses so much! God bless!:))


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