Home Discussion Forum Are witchery and druidism pagan practices legal in europe?

Are witchery and druidism pagan practices legal in europe?

I don’t think it should be, because it is like satanism. I’ve read abt the interpretation of a horned devil. It is in US, but other countries?


  1. Yes.
    And obviously you don’t know much about witchcraft.
    To the dude below me: Errr Aleister Crowley started the religion Thelema, not Satanism. He wasn’t involved with the creation of the Church of Satan.

  2. To answer your question, yes, they are.
    By the way, Witchcraft and the Druid faith are NOTHING like Satanism. Being a witch usually is referring to someone who is Wiccan, and they have incredibly different philosophies. Druids follow a traditional Celtic faith which also had incredibly different values than Satanism. Modern Satanism was founded by Aleister Crowley and Anton LeVey, two men who enjoyed harming other people and indulging in harmful behaviors.
    Wicca is based upon respect for all life. Druidry also has that aspect, but is vastly different.
    Find a good book before you judge them.

  3. oh, you do do you
    and you are the moral and religious authority?
    if you knew anything about paganism, druidism, wicca then maybe youd have a leg to stand on, wel,mayb ea calf, but you clearly dont
    maybe learn about it first ,from UNbiased sources, THEN come back and ask this

  4. Wow…
    You do realise that christianity borrowed heavily from Paganism? So if Paganism should be made illegal, so should christianity.

  5. I don’t know about other European countries, but England recently repealed its witchcraft laws. It’s not Satanism, that’s a completely different religion. Paganism, witchcraft, and Druidry are all legal in Great Britain. None of them (not even Satanists) worship the Devil from Christianity. Besides, law and religion should be completely separate, but then, I’m in the states where it is illegal to outlaw any religious practice so long as that practice doesn’t involve things like killing people. It’s only Wiccans who worship a Horned God, and not even all of them believe that he has horns. The Horned God is an older idea than the Devil, stemming from horned gods like Cernunnos or Pan, and other wild hunt gods. The image for the Devil stole his horns from these ancient gods in order to make ancient pagans look like they were worshiping Satan. Most Satanists don’t believe in Satan as a literal deity, but a symbol of what goes against the mainstream religions. Satanism is about self-indulgence rather than ignoring bodily pleasures. They focus on our more carnal aspects rather than the spiritual ones. They don’t hurt people or animals in their practice, so I say leave them alone. Druidry is a reconstructional religion that attempts to follow the teachings of the ancient Druids, which is rather difficult considering that the ancient Druids left little to no writings behind, but they can go off of what we do know about the ancient Druids. Pagans are all people who either practice an earth-based religion like Wicca or Native American Spirituality, or worship the ancient gods from various ancient civilizations. None of these are evil, and none of them should be outlawed, and it is only bigotted and ignorant people who would see their freedom of religion repressed. I hope that now that I’ve explained them and you can no longer claim complete ignorance of what they believe or practice, you will change your opinion on whether or not they should be outlawed. Saying that they should be outlawed is like me saying that because of the harm that Christianity did in the past, it should be outlawed. I don’t think it should be, but I don’t understand why Christians think that they have more of a right to freedom of religion than us Pagans. I sincerely hope that you are not a bigotted person, and that you were just ignorant. Research the religions; you’ll find them a lot less Satanic than you initially thought.
    Venus Bless

  6. Why should not Satanism be legal?
    Some people do not believe in the Devil, some people see him as an enemy, some people worship him and other people have different views; this is a personal choice which must be allowed in a democracy. Do you honestly believe that the government should decide what religious views are acceptable?

  7. Wow. Your question made me speechless for a moment. First and foremost Paganism and Druidry have NOTHING to do Satanism. Satan was created by Christianity, and Paganism existed before Christianity, hence, how could it be like Satanism?
    The Government or Parliament cannot make Paganism and Druidry effectively illegal because its a way of life and belief. It’s like telling someone “I am banning all ideas” you simply cannot control how someone thinks.
    I don’t know what nonsensical crap your reading about Paganism but try reading something written by Pagans and Druids.
    Check out:


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