Home Discussion Forum are white people ever truly happy or content with their lives?

are white people ever truly happy or content with their lives?

i ask this because i was reading about how the genetic makeup of white people and the lack of melanin in their pineal gland makes them mentally unstable


  1. I don’t know if you’re serious or not. But making a joke about mentally unstable people isn’t funny in any way.

  2. heh and you live with us, so who’s this worse for you or me? personally i’m fairly content up until i come up with another goal to reach

  3. I am. I have a good job, a nice home, and many fullfilling relationships, plus I get to make fun of you idiot blacks in my spare time. Whats it like being in da hood and mizundastood?

  4. If there were more of my FABULOSITY to go around, I think the whole world would be a much happier and fun place!

  5. No, white people are never really satisfied. For instance, it seems that every time black people get something, they want it. They now want a WET and a white history month, and considering that all kids hear in school now a days is all about white history, whites shouldn’t even fix their mouths to say something about a white history month.

  6. i doubt it. Whites have just about every weirdo kind of person in their race: serial killers, pervs, racist, wannabe jesus christs’, jerks, douchebags, fags, drag queens, transvestites, and i forget the rest.

  7. First Answer to your question, does not sound like you were born here in the USA If you don’t like it here or White People go home where you belong, second of all were too tired to be mentally stable working like idiots fighting your wars and feeding your people all over the world who cannot even grab a fly swatter and hit the flys around your starving 20 kids heads…piss me off and I will not go to work next week and your welfare check won”t cash….if you need a ride back to your country go any military installation and we will provide you with a ride free rice and curry aboard seen plenty of stupid mentally unstable Vietnamese dumb chinese and stupid people from hong kong look at the crap made in your country child labor polluting your land and using your natural resources think you are winning…We got your mental hang ups hanging…no slant either. plus your stupid people are still commies

  8. The pineal gland does not contain melanin. It contains melatonin. They are entirely different substances. And it is untrue that whites’ pineal glands do not contain melatonin. One study conducted in the early to mid 90s showed that 30% of whites over the age of 60 had calcified pineal glands, which was the highest number of any race. What causes pineal gland calcification? Consuming fluoridated water.
    God, you Afrocentrics are the dumbest group of people ever.


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