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Are werewolves good with animals?

I’m just curious if a werewolf in human form would have a more defined affinity for animals than a normal human. My reasoning behind it being that a wolf is a more natural presence among other animals in the wild than man. So I guess I’m wondering if animals would feel more at ease around the animal based aura of a werewolf than that of a man. Granted wolves are predators, but still. Any idea?


  1. Considering that they DON’T exist, it’s a rather moot point, don’t you think? I think you all should get off your Twilight binge and read some real books.
    Try Maura’s Dream by Joel Cross.
    Very talented author.

  2. @iTwinkie; Believe it or not we’re in the Mythology & Folklore section.
    I don’t think they are. Sure, they are more wild than man, but werewolves have to eat too. I can see where you come from and I agree. But wait, Man was here before werewolves were so…maybe the whole concept that dogs are a man’s best friend has to do with this…I’m wayyy off track. To answer your question, yes I think they are.

  3. I think they are! Jacob from Twilight is sooo nice, I think he would be good with animals. Maybe he and Rennesme should get a dog…..

  4. @iTwinkie Shut up. We ARE in the Mythology section. Werewolves have never really been known to get along with other animals.

  5. This may be the Mythology and Folklore section, but it seems to attract a disproportionate number of children and young adults who come here believing that either such things as werewolves and vampires really exist, or that they themselves are a living breathing member of one of these fantasy races or that they know people who are.
    Phrasing questions like this does tend to aggravate the problem – perhaps saying, “In legends are werewolves good with animals?” would help a little.
    Truth be told, it’s all up to whatever the storyteller wants the creature to be like. If you, in your story, decide that the werewolf is a “keeper of Gaia” – as in the White Wolf role-playing games, then perhaps the werewolf is the ultimate environmentalist, or conversely, might be a cursed being that God has turned His Face from and as such all of Creation would likewise shun the lycanthrope.
    It’s all up to you, really, given that there are no werewolves, vampires, mermaids, etc. no matter what anyone on here claims.

  6. im just guessing but i don’t think so cause were-wolfs are predators and need food but not sure just guessing.. 🙂
    i just have one more input for someone who answered ur question i have seen it often someone actually did it to one of my questions but if u don’t believe or don’t like the questions that are being asked maybe u should go to a different category and answer other questions instead of telling people to ignore or stop dreaming just cause u don’t have imagination don’t mean others cant we didn’t ask for people to be rude we simply are asking questions…

  7. It’s my understanding that the werewolf is a loner either in human or wolf form. They tend to keep to themselves and amongst themselves. However if you are human or animal and a werewolf decides to befriend you, you have a friend for life and a very loyal one too. In that respect they are like the canines we keep as pets. The best reference we can see today is an actual wolf.


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