Home Discussion Forum Are we witnessing the awakening of the collective American consciousness?

Are we witnessing the awakening of the collective American consciousness?

Is Obama the handsome prince who kisses the sleeping beauty awakening her from a spell placed upon her by the wicked witch of organized religion?


  1. Could you just go far far away on a magic donkey and never ever come back? I’m sure everyone would agree that would be the perfect fairy tale.

  2. If that’s how you see him, I should say be careful what you wish for.
    As promising as Obama is, no politician is perfect.
    And Collective Consciousness, is that not just another term for mob mentality?

  3. Yes, Desiree, If only you and the enlightened know what he really thinks.
    Barack Obama stated on national television recently:
    “I’ve been in the same church for 20 years,
    PRAYIN’ to JESUS”.
    And later… “I pray to Jesus every night.”,

  4. seems like u are under the influence of some wicked spell seeing u call obama handsome and portray him as some heroic prince…. what you been smokin cause your not conscience according to a sober noraml healthy functioning mind that can think for itself ……. look at the mess we r in caused by government not religon religon is just a prop for excuse the finacial systme is the problem for one and then yeah all the pagan dogmas and beliefs which seperate us from teh one true god Jesus Christ

  5. Very possible.
    And you might be surprised to know that the same analogy (the sleeping beauty treatment) is used in this resource: http://gospelenimgma.com ,which is about an awakening of the Original Kingdom Gospel (about becoming “Children of the light.”)
    Very nice question. Thanks.

  6. No.
    What we are witnessing is what happens when a free people pay less attention than they should when deciding on a leader.

  7. i sure hope he has viewed the laws of god almighty,and gracefully thank him in a private room,with no religion practices allowed!

  8. no, but he could be the one who kisses sleeping beauty awake from a spell put on her by the ineffective, too wealthy, selfish, too right wing republicans that serve thier own (personal) interests!


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