HomeDiscussion ForumAre we the caretakers of the planet Earth, our Earth Mother ?

Are we the caretakers of the planet Earth, our Earth Mother ?

“There is hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet.”
Peace and Love
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  1. nope, just another creature that spawned on it.
    if anything we’re destroyers of the planet Earth, hell bent on dripping every natural resource dry.

  2. No – Mother Earth will be here long after we have vanished….even if we manage to destroy ourselves in a nuclear green house haze, Mother Earth will rebuild and go on her merry way.

  3. we have been destroying the earth a little at a time. what has been done might be able to fix but everyone needs to take a part in helping.

  4. This all depends on one’s world view.
    I am a Christian. I believe the earth was created just for man to use. I also believe some have abused that privilege.

  5. Why would Mother Earth need caretakers? Why is it that some people think that she wants or needs care from us. Respect, yes, but trust me, she doesn’t need any caretakers.
    Trust me, she is one Mother that can more than take care of herself. She also takes care of all creatures that dwell on Earth. People need to quit assuming they know what she wants/needs so that they can stay out of her way.

  6. I’ve been reading your questions….are you here to actually ask a question on this forum? Or are you going to persistently preach? What do you want?

  7. This planet Earth is our only home; if we wreck it there isn’t another we can move to.
    So the obvious answer is that we should act responsibly and avoid ways of living that are detrimental to the environment.
    Now all those who understand this have to do is convince the rest.
    Nobody said it was going to be easy. Anyone out there enjoy a challenge?
    Namaste 2 U

  8. “Humanity and nature WILL strike a balance someday. It is inevitable and it is natural. The questions are, at what point and what measure of our natural heritage will remain when humans and environment do finally come to terms. The answer will determine nothing less than what kind of world we will live in – and it might determine whether we live at all.” Pete Dunne

  9. Clean unpolluted air, fresh sparkling water, uncontaminated fresh food is our right…time to peep through the blinkers folks the earth is our responsibility. I am over what some people consider is their right to blind ignorance of the facts.. and lack of consideration and compassion for the rights of all sentient beings to exit at all. grrrr Its too late NOT to take the path of active compassion. May All Beings Have Happiness And The Causes Of Happiness………May No-One Be Separated from the Sacred Happiness Which Brings Freedom. Mo


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