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Are we on the edge of a transformation?

I have had the feeling that we are about to make a spiritual leap into the next stage of our development. I have spoken to others that agree. I have had many people come into the metaphysical shop where I work and ask about the unexplainable things they are seeing and what to do about the entities that are invading their homes demanding attention. Others that are experiencing visions and strange feelings they can’t explain. It seems people are experiencing what has been call “awakening”. I have worked to develop my abilities but some people are being turned on without effort. What are your views on this phenomenon.


  1. The second coming of Christ will be soon..
    What you are feeling is the gathering of Angels and Demons, for the last battle….

  2. Definitely. I don’t know if we’re about to be in a battle or not, but something’s happening. It would be nice if it was just evolution.

  3. The idea is that people want this to happen which is why they’re more aware of these “events” or really because they’re attributing the mundane to a more supernatural reason.
    Problem is that these things aren’t real. So no, there is no transformation heading your way even if these people believe it to be.

  4. transformations are working at this point in time of crises. peoples , most of them changed their beliefs and/or religions, as they believe -life would change on them for the better. the unexplainable sightings of unforseen forces/entities that they really do exist. the levels or dimensions where they should stay before,(maybe)as the old folks says; are opened and now the strong forces gave them time/freedom that they exist. like in paranormal sites, no tricks, because of the modern technology-camera,sounds, catch those unforseen entities. at present, persons whose third eye was closed before, now these so called third eye opens and lucky they are because they are now, can predict, seeing vision, some had strong vibes of the events, and some are scared and asking themselves “why are they seeing or had strange feeling?” some dont know how to used it. yes, you got the right word “awakening”. those with hidden abilities of being psychic, are in the right time of awakening their gifts. and you are gifted, try to find out on which level, dimension, energy or in some areas you’re vibes and intuitions. there were people gifted with power in different ways.,such as card reader, palm reader, mediums, and etc. psychics are more daring and saying/telling the truth of what they feel and their visions are
    almost perfect (predictions,vibes,sightings). these phenomenon , if ever be used in good manner, people around the world would be save, and safe in struggling to survive.

  5. The original ancestors from the past are using non-indigenous human beings to channel their existence through you and the others. The big feast is about to begin and the human beings who are man made will give up the gift that was given to them an the time to make choices to go back across the water to the original lands they come from. The Overseer is here and is watching all of us live our daily lives here on his island. ( The Overseer has been away but his helpers have had the job to make sure man kind did not destroy creation while he was away.)The Overseer has been here since may, 2008. The one legged one has been in power for 2008 years. The one legged one is collecting what is his and they will be leaving.

  6. yes i do believe we are heading for the next stage of spiritual feeling. I think more people will be able to see and talk to the other side. I wiish there was more people like you around.
    keep in contact .

  7. not quite. its not the people that are spiritual changing, its the world around them. you see, a long time ago there was order. things were as they were meant to be. if something odd happened, it happened for a reason, and it had an effect. it was like nature. an animal kills to eat, hibernates to survive, etc. its order, things happened, and they happened for a reason. then the late 1800’s sprung around and BOOM! chaos. well, it started with little things, but by the 1900’s people were getting things they were not supposed to have. the indigo child was born. no one really noticed except the ones that kept an eye on this kind of stuff. its looked normal, except things happened for little or no reason, and there was no structure to what was going on. and now, as you can see, its gotten much more visual, and people are starting to take notice. and quite frankly, there is no way to figure out whats going on. i guess we just have to adapt to each new change.


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