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Are we not we an evolution of conscious awareness and its duality consciousness?


  1. It seems to me consciousness is more the result of evolving conscious awareness. A duality, I think, would be our subconscious mind and it’s role in the evolution of our consciousness. Our subconscious is the operating system. Our consciousness is our production software. Did I understand your question?

  2. Yes bu what I am perceiving out of this is in accordance to my organic condition, my own development of mind and being. I believe, at first glance that you are referring to the concept of oneness and that everyone is a development of this one consciousness, in its different individual forms of expression. From perspective this is true, however there is much more to this. Because we dwell at a different level of mind and being, and in fact it would be better to say that our Higher Soul-Selves are the growing principle of the ONE or whole, and we grow the Light of our Soul by working on ourselves. So while there is the ONE at the core of everyones being, it is also true that we possess our own individual cosmology of being, without which, the ONE could not evolve, so to speak.
    However, from another perspective, the real “I” is a by product of the growth and expansion of our conscious-awareness and that its through the development unity of the polarities (duality) that exist within our minds and body beyond the organic limitations which prevents unity that such a evolution is possible within.


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