Are we creating new consciousness clusters?





By us having shared experiences and looking for like minds while trying to understand others, is there new thought groups forming here and “there”. Is everything on each level happening all at once even though not all levels operate on space/time.
I was thinking about this idea and seemed pretty cool and wondered if anyone knew anything about it.
Technically this would mean that, Everyones idea of heaven would be one surrounded by great friends and like minds. That is how I would imagine it to some degree.
Also, would one be likely to create some sort of super-consciousness and fuse together with these like consciousness and have enough knowledge to be able to go back to the original creator or our perception thereof.
Curious guy here.
(This actually came to me after I watched the movie “The Dark Crystal”)


  1. …I’d prefer to remain sovereign and autonomous. Your inquiries are earnest, which is soooo refreshing. Your consciousness opens through your source of inspiration. Choose your source carefully. 😉 It’s a pretty cool ride.

  2. There already is an always was a super-consciousness.
    It can be tapped into- this how a gifted person composes a symphony or an inventor gets a flash of genius…
    Every answer to every problem lies there – you can address it from a hypnotic state,
    your subconscious mind is the media by which you contact it.
    This is discussed at length in many books that have to do with success ,
    read : Napoleon Hill- Think and Grow Rich
    I have used the technique and have done truely amazing things.

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