Home Discussion Forum Are we all suppose to be heroes or something?

Are we all suppose to be heroes or something?

If everything we do is recorded somewhere is some non space/time akashic records, can we reread(or re-experience) our life?
Here is some off the wall stuff I wish I knew, please add your own.
I wonder how many times I went to the bathroom.
or had a meal.
I wish I could view these stats out of curiosity.
Anyways, please …The Hero part, and the add your own curiosity part……Even if this isn’t true, lets pretend..for fun.


  1. i believe that only the important parts will be held on record cori
    it would be useless to keep a record of anything like going to the bathroom lol
    and of course we are heros … we are heros every day to those who need us and love us
    my dad is a hero because he held my family together
    my mum is a hero because she taught me love
    i am a hero because i have raised 3 beautiful girls … and i look cute in a cape
    but yes … we can be whatever we want to be .. if we reach for it

  2. I do believe we can be heros to each other in some way. I look up to a ton of people who don’t even know it, so in a way they are heros to me!!
    ahhh what would I want to know…I would like to know how my my choices affectd my life, if there was some way to see the direction my life wold have went if i made a different coice…like the movie sliding doors!!

  3. Do the math..take your age and multiply it by 365. That should give you how many days that you have been alive. You probably went to the bathroom every day, so that should give you an idea of how many times you went to the bathroom, unless you are counting urinations. LOL…what a sick puppy.
    No..I doubt that everything you ever did in your life is in some magical book somewhere. Sounds like good fiction, though.

  4. Now, that would be real hell.
    I cannot imagine watching re-runs of my own life. How incredibly boring that would be…


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